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Practical, easily implemented ways to promote your website

Now that you have a webpage, what next? This article offers utile methods for promoting your website. Who to approach for backlinks, how to ask them, ways to email people without raising their blood pressure, what to offer at your Read more

30 Years of Logo Designs!

Wow, that is scary. I have actually been designing logos for over 30 years! I think that makes me OLD by most standards . . . but I really would prefer it if you would use the word “experienced.” I Read more

Great Quotes for Artistic Types That Are In Business!

Since I am in an “artistic”, subjective line of work – this is my all time favorite! When I am competing against someone who seems to talk just “the right talk” and has all the answers, I think about this Read more

Websites That Work! Does Your Site Deliver?

Deliver WHAT? you say – LEADS of course, lots of them! [watch?v=yeq6uAPGogg] This video is 3 minutes of snippets from a web marketing presentation that we provided for SCORE at the Disney Entrepreneur Center in downtown Orlando recently. By combining Read more

“Forget What You Know” says Celebrity Branding Expert Nick Nanton!

I have to admit that this young guy has got it right, speaking at a launch party for his latest book just a few days ago in NYC, Nick Nanton nails it with this advice for any professional. Nick is Read more

Build it and they will come?

In today’s web climate, nothing could be farther from the truth. So many of our potential or newer clients have the attitude of “oh yes, we have a website – we got that covered”. When asked how many visitors they Read more

Is Social Media Just a Fad?

Do you think Social Media is a waste of time? You better hope that your competitors think that it is! Because the longer those skeptical companies drag their feet on Social Media, the farther ahead the early adapters that jumped Read more

Can you make a company video with a camcorder?

With the advent of YouTube, we have seen an increased popularity of the homegrown video style. You don’t always need the professional videographer to make your point and help your business. Many do-it-yourself videos have soared to the top with Read more


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