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Brochure Development & Design

Brochure Design - Orlando - Hartford

Printing – Photography – Design – Content Development

We create marketing and sales tools that potential clients will connect with. Telling your story, what your company is all about and what you do best is the job of a good brochure or website design. Content development is key to a good result. That is where we go the extra mile – by the time we are done, your people may think we work at your company! That means we dig deep, we get inside your company and your market and figure out the best way to present what you have to say.

With a unique layout and effective photos, a brochure can be just what your company needs to package all of your information in a very impressive way. We provide brochure design across the U.S. and we have recently worked with companies in Hartford CT and Orlando FL. BrandTastic Brochure Design includes creating the content – writing, photography, logo design and graphic design. We also have printing available at wholesale cost from reliable Orlando and Hartford printers.

We provide all digital photography, copywriting, logo design, graphic design and printing in house.

Your collateral, your printed materials and brochure design, is important to your marketing plans. While a great website is a wonderful tool, your salespeople also need a physical leave-behind like a well designed brochure to give to potential customers. These printed materials will give the customer a way to take home information about your products and services, which makes them that much more likely to choose your company when the need for your product of service final arises. Make sure to leave a lasting impression with potential clients – call us today to find out how we can help!

Newsletter Creation


An interesting company newsletter can connect with your clients and keep them up-to-date with big events happening in your company and even your industry. A good company newsletter can communicate well with your clients in Hartford or Orlando. Send it out 4 times a year, monthly or annually – just make sure you don’t lose touch with your customers.

Sales Folders – Presentation Folders

A Sales Folder or Presentation Folder is a great way to present important documents or printed materials to your customers in a manner that shows the information in the best light. Materials and documents presented in this way will stand out and are usually retained by the recipient instead of being quickly discarded. In fact, research has shown that Sales Folders are given greater value and a higher status than documents presented as just a stack of stapled papers.

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