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Marketing & Branding has changed and evolved more in the past decade than it had in the previous 100 years. Consumers today are ALWAYS connected to the Web - via their computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet - 24/7, making it extremely important for businesses to WIN BIG online.

Web Design - Nearly 50% of consumers have cited a website as the number one factor in determining a company’s credibility. What does your website say about your business? A good web design requires a number of components, from technical SEO, imagery, and security to lead collection, navigation & usability, clarity and cohesiveness. The team at Brandtastic has a deep understanding of how to make all of these components work together to create a stunning, easy-to-use website, that helps potential customers get a better understanding of your business while helping to meet your bottom-line goals. 

SEO & Analytics - Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of a successful online presence. By analyzing your current website, your competitors’ sites, and local search results, the team at Brandtastic determines the SEO formula needed between your website, local citation listings, content marketing, links, keywords, and advertising.

Digital Marketing - Online ads (Pay-Per-Click) are a great way to reach qualified consumers and drive your target audience to your website. The marketing experts at Brandtastic are Google Certified and have extensive training in ad creation & delivery for social media sites like Facebook & Instagram. Almost all online experiences begin with search engine inquiry. Google Ads is an excellent and effective way to be seen in the top 3 paid spots of search engine results, where 41% of users click to follow through with their search results. Social Media ad campaigns are a great way to hyper-target users while having the control of Pay-Per-Click advertising at a lower cost.

Social Media - Did you know that the average user spends two or more hours on social media sites? In fact, over 80% of US adults have at least one social media profile. Staying active and engaging with customers on social media is an incredible opportunity to increase your business’s reach with your target audience as well as gain influencer status in the market.

Graphic Design - Your company’s image in print, on the web, and on digital materials is essential to how potential buyers view & understand your products and services.  From logo design to website banners, sales ads, business cards, brochures, and more, our experts will help create a strong brand identity and provide graphics that will entice customers and enhance your company’s unique offerings.

Photography & Videography - Text is only one important part of a good online marketing strategy. While text is designed to help you get found in search results, stunning visuals are incredibly effective at attracting visitors and converting them into customers. Photos and videos tell stories, show potential clients what you offer, highlight your expertise, and provide visual representations of your products & services. Whether it’s still photos or video compilations, our team has you covered. From website & blog images to photos for brochures & ads, and even social media engagement, Brandtastic will shoot and edit all photographs and videos to ensure they make the biggest impact on your target market.

Blogging - Blogging is an important part of a good Content Marketing strategy. Attract, acquire, and engage your target audience through the curation of valuable / relevant content, posted regularly on your business blog. Creating a blog of useful information shows consumers that you are experienced, skillful and understand your industry. Plus, posting good content regularly gets you recognized in Google and can help search results.


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