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Does Branding Influence Buying Decisions?

Branding is so much more than just a logo. It encompasses everything about you and your company and results in the image that you project to potential customers.

We have down-to-earth common sense advice when it comes to branding and what it really can accomplish. If your company has been operating for any length of time, you already have a perceived brand. Every interaction that your customer has with your people, your marketing and your products influences the brand experience. Many times "who" your company is does not line up well with the image reflected in your logo. Simply put, your logo design is the visual personification of your brand. It is the image that calls to mind all experiences and interactions that your company has and becomes your "brand" identity.

Is It Time To Rebrand My Logo Design?

Our marketing people discuss that question with many of our clients, but surprisingly - the answer is usually "no, it is not recommended." That sets us apart from other agencies and design firms that virtually always recommend "a new look." Our feeling is, that if your brand is an accurate representation of your company - you better closely examine the implications of changing what many times is not broken and is actually a huge asset.

Brand recognition and loyalty is psychologically tied to the imagery of your logo design, make sure you won't interfere with that dynamic before jumping into a rebranding project.

When Is It Time For A New Logo Design?

New companies of course need to pay great attention to the branding and messaging that they will use in their marketing and we are always excited about helping you define your brand as it will relate best to your market. Another opportune time to consider a new look is when a change in ownership, merger or major change in product line or services occurs. If you are contemplating whether or not you should change or update your logo design and branding please feel free to call for a free consultation.

Some Of Brandtastic's Past Branding Projects

Content Is Everything

We help you develop content, the key branding messages that you need to communicate in your print, web and ad campaigns. Determining the best way to grab market attention and present your message well is what Results Driven Marketing is all about!

Judge A Book By Its Cover?

Anyone who says they don’t, is lying. That's why publishers spend a fortune making sure they stand out from the rest. Same goes for the store shelf - every product is positioning and working to get our attention. You don't get attention usually with a boring, plain brown wrapper (although it has worked too), as a rule what we project with our branding better look fantastic and command attention. So, send a message that is compelling to the audience that you are after and they should take notice.

How Much Does Creative Matter?

Sometimes "creative" branding, marketing and ad agencies get a bit carried away with the artsy and forget about the ROI. If you need to have an ad or a logo design explained to you, there may be a good chance that the artistic folks went too far. If you visit a website and the flash animation makes you dizzy while you wait to find the information you came for, the web designer may need to get back to basics.

Every interaction clients or potential clients have with your business contributes to your brand. Make sure that the messages that you are sending deliver the communication that is intended. Badly designed, poorly conceived web sites, ad copy, sales letters, brochures, etc. all carry the potential of hurting your overall brand message and marketing efforts.

Website Design Is Your #1 Sales Tool

When our website designers start work on a site, our marketing people have already determined the whole strategy that will drive the site development. The website is the first place many potential customers will learn about you and your company. If your website is not designed to convert visitors into customers it is not doing its job. Don't ever just hire a "web designer", hire a company that considers the tremendous importance of this focal point of every other marketing effort that you do.

Branding Doesn't Have To Hurt!

Simplicity is a key ingredient in a great logo design, if you have time please read what we have to say on the subject of logo designs and what makes them worthy of the brand they represent.

Get Mooovin and start that new project now!

Your Logo Design Represents Your Brand

A strong image is central to achieving peak brand recognition. Your logo design speaks volumes about how your customers will perceive you. A creatively designed logo can transform your name into an effective branding icon that will serve as the focal point for all of your marketing, advertising and print.

We have lots of talent that can provide many creative logo design ideas with our Orlando logo designers and Hartford logo design. Don't settle for some online logo design factory when you can get brand advice directed by a top notch marketing company and a logo designed by our group of extremely talented and creative artists.

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