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How Brandtastic Marketing Works

Give Brandtastic a call at (407) 414-5270 and let us show you how our unique approach to marketing can benefit your company. Our collaboration of creative professionals will work to provide you with just what you need, and nothing that you don’t. That is the beauty of Brandtastic.

SEO & Web marketing in Lakeland FL & Pittsburgh PA

Step 1 – We Listen

Have you ever met with an ad exec or marketing guy and within the first five minutes he knows exactly what you need? We fired that guy. At our initial meeting our goal is to listen.

Step 2 – We Learn

We want to learn what is great about your business and what you want to accomplish, then we do our research. We always do our homework.

Step 3 – We Brainstorm

We bring together those from our team who have experience in your industry and the disciplines that will be needed to meet your needs. Then we drink lots of coffee and stay up late.

Step 4 – We Plan

Our written proposal will be submitted with a detailed description of exactly what it is that the doctor ordered. It will be in plain English and may contain common sense, and uncommon creativity.

Step 5 – You Decide

This won’t take long.

Step 6 – We Hustle

There is no “back burner” at Brandtastic, so you will never be on it.

Step 7 – You Get Results

Our tagline is “Results Driven Marketing” because we don’t endeavor to do anything unless we are confident that our clients will see tangible measurable results from our efforts.

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