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The Brandtastic Team Works Where You Are

In the past year alone, the Brandtastic team has worked in California, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Texas, Minnesota, Georgia, Colorado, Utah, Tennessee, Iowa, Illinois and New York meeting with clients and gathering first-hand content that is so critical to the success of any website or marketing campaign.

If your website or brochure is illustrated with stock photos of models acting like they are doing what you do, it shows. It is not real, not sincere, and not effective. On the other hand, if you show real professional photos of your business and personnel in action, taken from a marketing perspective, you can capture the essence of what your story is for your audience.

When we meet with clients in person it allows us to become “insiders” at your business, to see the daily workings and gain insights that never could be gathered from a phone call. Armed with this personal experience we are qualified to tell your story in the most compelling way to drive new business.

Professional company photography in Pittsburgh PA & Tampa FL

We’ll Find What Makes You Stand Out

You may not even know or see the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) that your business offers. But as a marketer coming into your world we can spot what makes you special and highlight that to your potential customers.

On the other hand, once we do meet with you for 2 or 3 days we have gathered enough to fuel your marketing effort for at least 2 years. At this point we can really be productive during phone conferences and via email because we will all be on the same page, like old friends with a shared interest. We can also help your staff learn how to provide additional content on their own.

So when clients ask “Why should we hire a marketing company based in Orlando?” the answer is easy – because we are one of the few small agencies in the country that know how to get real tangible results for clients at fair prices. You see, once the initial work is done on-site, everything else can be handled virtually over the phone or internet.

“But what about the cost? My business is in California!”

Yes, flying off to see you and staying for a few days does add to the cost of every project – but it also adds immeasurably to the results too. You can trust us to spend your project budget wisely. That means we always fly Jet Blue or Southwest when possible and stay at modest hotels during our visit. We won’t be taking your entire staff out to dinner at a fine restaurant to impress you, we will impress you with the increased business that comes when Brandtastic is your agency. We WILL get to know you because we will be spending each day with you and your staff learning about and experiencing your business environment.

When you hire Brandtastic for your marketing on the web or offline you won’t be thinking in terms of a cost, you will be thinking in terms of an investment. Dollars spent with us WILL come back to you in the form of more business and more profitability as a result of our work.

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