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Brandtastic Marketing Philosophy

We are all marketers. As a business owner, you are the number one cheerleader for your company. Brandtastic wants to be on your team no matter where you are located in the US or Canada. Our main office is located in Lakeland, FL, but we also have locations in Pittsburgh, PA and Hartford, CT. Our team travels to clients all over the map and since most of our work is done virtually on the web, distance is not a problem!

Web marketing company in Pittsburgh PA & Tampa FLIf you don't have a marketer mindset, it won't matter much what "marketing" company that you hire. Success hinges on active client involvement. We don't sell the "out of the box" packages that are pretty much the same solution for everyone. You have all heard the pitch - "Well, you need a new logo design, a spiffy mission statement, new website, a brand message, and then you will be all set."

Need Help Creating Smart Marketing?

You may think you are doing everything right - but, are you winning the race? Slow and steady may be in big trouble in todays fast changing marketing landscape. If you are still playing by yesterday's rules, you may need to discover what your marketing plan needs to become to cross the finish line with a win.

Smart Marketers Are Busy!

We are able to provide the tools you may need, but first let's assess the situation and try to identify the quickest, most affordable, most direct route to what you really need - increased lead generation and sales!

If your "marketing person or company" is just the one who spends your marketing budget, it is time to look for a company that will earn you more business. It is not always the huge, capital intensive efforts that can generate results - sometimes after thorough analysis, just a few smart ideas can lift your bottom line substantially.

social marketingWe believe that Archimedes discovered the most important business principle of all time... LEVERAGE.

Paraphrasing and updating,

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." ~ Archimedes - 200 AD

"Give me good marketing and a place to get it noticed, and I shall move the business world." ~ Brandtastic - 2008

Let's Put His Philosophy into Practice

Brandtastic is built to move your business. We can deliver high impact, integrated campaigns with many components - or single element solutions.

"I Always Used Direct Mail..."

Today, many are deciding that "marketing to the affluent" is more profitable than "marketing to the masses." But honestly, do you think your affluent marketing prospect is going to respond to a direct mail piece? They probably don't even look at their own mail! Marketing to the affluent buyer requires an "Attraction" model. By establishing and positioning yourself as the brand of choice you will be found by the buyer, much easier than finding the buyer.

Simply stated, the days of crafting a clever message and blasting it out to the masses are over. Strong push back against being "advertised at" has dealt traditional agencies a serious blow. People have had it with all the messages bombarding them in their mail, TV, radio, email, web, phone and just about anywhere that they turn. So the defenses go up and your message is blocked out of their minds.

So What Now?

"Now" requires targeting who you market to with laser precision. Then give your audience something they are interested in. Reward them, share with them, engage them - they will become your free "word of mouth" ambassadors. Use only the marketing channels that are likely to reach those who want to hear from you, and give them something of value.

Sure, "that all sounds good", you say - "but how to we go about making our company better at marketing and get in step with what will work best for us?" We suggest that you interview a few marketing companies or professionals and decide on someone that can look at your market, set the direction and get results without emptying your wallet!

We Are A Different Breed Of Agency Ready To Make A Difference For You

We are a unique breed - an Orlando marketing agency that combines the experience and talents of the areas top professionals working in their respective disciplines. Brandtastic will surprise you with our smart, common sense answers to your marketing questions. One client asked how to get more customers. Another wanted to crack a large, important target prospect account. And another needed sales materials to launch a whole new division.

What do you need? Go ahead... ask us your questions! You can contact us at (407) 414-5270 or using our contact form.

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