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Brandtastic Will Create Your Content

Don't worry if you haven't got the best writers, videographers and photographers on staff at your company! Who would expect you to. We have the talent that will turn your story into compelling content that your target audience will be attracted to. We will meet with you in person and learn all about your company and what makes you so special. Everyone has a story and we know how to define yours!

Our fresh, quality content creates organic search traffic and generates more leads for your business. We are dedicated to bringing new ideas and unique content to showcase your business’s industry leadership and expertise and get you noticed. Regular content updates catch the attention of Google and other search engines, helping you rank higher and gain more web traffic.

Custom web and social media content written in Tampa FL & Pittsburgh PA

Made Just For You

We create tailored content with research done directly with the client to learn about the business. We then take the information we learned and combine that with keyword research and industry and competitive research to complete the picture. With all this information, we can now develop the architecture of the site with a site map and work out a design that includes all the necessary components. Each page on the website will cover a new topic in depth with personalized content that adds value for the consumer. We do not need to stuff the pages with every keyword possible; instead we will develop material that interests real people while also ranking well with search engines.

Content also includes photos and videos which we take ourselves on site when we visit our clients. Our on staff designers and programmers put all the content into a package that looks good and works well, creating a great user experience for all the new visitors to your site.

We Do All The Work For You

We realize that many busy business owners understand the importance of new content but just don’t have the time to create and post it on their own. Our professional bloggers and copywriters will follow the trends, news, and changes in your industry so there will always be new and interesting content for your customers to read. Our in-depth research helps us stay ahead of the competition and come up with unique angles and stories to report on.

We know how to attract the attention of search engines, while at the same time creating interesting content that will appeal to your customer base and also generate sales. Even in this young industry, we have a long history of producing top-notch content and getting real results for our clients.

Custom web and social media content written in Tampa FL & Pittsburgh PA

We Do Our Homework

For all of our writing, we immerse ourselves in industry information and recent news so we can write with an expert voice about your niche. We are already experts in a variety of industries including chimney services, solar stores, house painting, dietary supplements, and construction. While this is just a sampling of industries we know like the back of our hand, we are more than happy to add to our eclectic portfolio. We can develop custom copy for any industry or niche; we always do our homework.

If you want to stay in Google’s good graces, you must constantly supply the search engine with content updates to prove to them that you are a valuable result for those searching your keywords. A blog is a great way to keep this steady stream of quality content cataloged. Blogs can add new and interesting additions to your web presence on an on-going basis. Content also includes social media, which is now a huge part of any company’s online presence. We will manage every aspect of your social online presence including account creation, design and maintenance. We can grow your followers, fans, and friends, post regular and compelling content, and ultimately gain more exposure and customers for your business.

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