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SEO Basics Every Site NEEDS

With estimates ranging from 24 billion pages to a number approaching 1 trillion, however you stack it up, at least four web pages exist for every human on the globe (google blog). Granted, some websites have thousands of pages, but there are over a BILLION unique websites out there. That is a lot of competition!

Every time you type in a search string on Google, take note of the number of answers (returns) to your query. To successfully compete on a search string you need to be on that first page of returned results. That requires that you have top notch SEO or Search Engine Optimization on all pages of your site and lots of off-site influence too. That means links from other sites to yours.

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Our clients' eyes often glaze over when we start explaining SEO, they just want to know how it can help their business! So, here are an example of a recent success:

SEO for New National Safety Product

Our site is full of great information that you will need to know to compete in the new marketing world - take some time to look around. Then call us with any questions.

Hopefully we can also provide you with some tools and tips to help you separate yourself from your competition when it comes to internet marketing and get you started on making progress when it comes to your (SERP) Search Engine Results Page.

Your business has certain words that people use when searching for the service or product you offer on the web. Remember, close to 90% of all purchases are preceded by research on the web. So, once you decide on your keywords, SEO will help make your site come up when a potential client types in the keywords that you are targeting.

Here is a great free tool to measure estimated traffic that a particular search string may be generating - Google Keyword Tool

Marketing Is Undergoing Fundamental Change

Where is the first place we all go before making a purchase? Of course, we “Google It”, we educate ourselves and make our buying decisions based on what we learn.

Your website is the primary tool to market your business. Every other channel of marketing will end up driving people to your site. When they get there, will they like what they find - or will they be going back to Google to continue looking?

You need to do what you can to rise to the top of the Search Engine results and when you get those visitors, your site needs to be have a real plan to convert them into customers. Your website must every visitor decide you are the best choice for whatever they are looking for!

Long Tail Keyword Research and Marketing in Tampa Bay FlWhat is SEO? - Search Engine Optimization

It is an attempt to build and position a website so that Search Engines will Index your pages and place you in the search results when a customer is looking to find what unique product or service that you have to offer. Simply put, it is a strategy to make a webpage show up higher on the search engine results. There are approximately 200 different things that go into Google's formula (algorithm) to determine who shows up on that valuable first page of results. And to rank high in Google and other search websites, your website must work to maximize as many of these components of the formula as possible.

Our other report pages (Yellow links - top right) give some valuable information on what it takes to make your website and internet marketing perform better.

A great SEO tool, to give you a quick view of how well your site is doing in terms of being well optimized: marketing.grader.com Just enter in your domain and hit generate report - if you come up under 20% you are not likely to stack up well with your competition.

If you are in the 20-40% range you still need work, but have a decent place to start. If you are 40-70%, chances are good that someone has done professional SEO work on your site quite well and it may not take much additional work to get great results. This is a fun tool to use to check out your competitors too!

Search Engine = Google

Why Google is the name of the game.

Latest information from hitwise.com shows that they own search engine marketing with a whopping 66% of the market. That is why our Orlando SEO campaigns as well as Florida SEO and National SEO are all tailored to make the Google robots and spiders take notice and rank our clients at the top of Google for targeted keywords. The top of Google is the goal.

As you can see from this pie chart, Google is in charge when it comes to search. Anybody who tells you that you need to be submitted to lots and lots of search engines is wasting your time and money. You may actually get penalized by using an automated submission service. Sure, someday someone may give Google a run for their money, but for now they are in charge.

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