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Why settle for a "spark" in your web marketing, when we can start a "FIRE"!!!

We just did two completely updated websites for Dave Lamb's chimney service companies in CT. Like any business, the chimney services industry has caught up with the times and has begun to become more competitive on the web. Dave has been our client for years and has always enjoyed top ranking on Google. He understands the value of staying ahead of the curve (and the competition) so we have completely redone both of his websites using a custom wordpress platform and adding many new photos that were taken during our visit this summer.

Although other web marketing companies may "spark" a better looking site and a smattering of higher rankings, at Brandtastic we "START A FIRE" of new business by creating a great looking site that DOMINATES search result rankings!

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Visit Chimney Solutions Indiana
in Indianapolis, IN - Click Here 

Rankings on Google (and Bing, and Yahoo) are AMAZING and will be increasing even more as we continue our SEO work!

Take a look at Chimney Solutions Indiana's Rankings -
Click Here.


Visit Chimney Saver Solutions
in Richmond, Va - Click Here

Check out Their Google Rankings
Click Here


websites for chimney sweeps

Visit Northeastern Chimney
in West Hartford, CT - Click Here

Rankings on Google (and Bing, and Yahoo) are AMAZING and will be increasing even more as we continue our SEO work!

Take a look at Northeastern Chimney's Rankings
Click Here.


seo for chimney sweep company

Visit Nayaug Chimney
in Glastonbury, CT - Click Here

Check out Nayaug Chimney's Rankings
Click Here


When you do GREAT work that DELIVERS REAL RESULTS, the word gets around. That's how we became known as the BEST CHIMNEY SWEEP WEBSITE DESIGNER (and SEO Experts) in the North America. Word of mouth led us from one sweep to the next. So far Brandtastic has created Sweep or Hearth Sites for companies in Connecticut, New York, New York, Indiana, Virginia, Georgia, California, Toronto, Iowa and Wisconsin.

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