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Client Testimonials

Hear from Bryan Whitaker at Bethesda Chimney

Hear from Kurt Felgemacher at Felgemacher Chimney

Hear from Jeremy & Brandi Biswell at Fluesbrothers

Service Industry Results - Chimney Sweep

Like many businesses, the Hearth & Chimney Services industry has caught up with the times and has begun to become much more competitive on the web. We do not have hundreds of Chimney Sweep clients, but the ones that do work with us are ALL VERY SATISFIED! They enjoy top ranking on Google and understand the value of staying ahead of the curve (and the competition). We handle all Content, Photography, Video, SEO, Google Ads, Social Media, Blogs, Facebook Ads & Reviews.

300 Top Google Rankings for New Client!


Other marketing companies may deliver a good-looking site and a few decent rankings, at Brandtastic we "START A FIRE" of new business by creating a great-looking site that DOMINATES search result rankings!

Our Work

Brandtastic works with an array of chimney sweep companies across the U.S. to help establish dominant rankings in an otherwise extremely competitive industry. Below is a list of all the sweeps we currently work with.

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Advance Chimney Sweeps

Pittsburgh, PA

Advance Chimney Sweeps is top-ranking in Pittsburgh and surrounding areas!

Twin City Fireplace

Minneapolis, MN

A chimney & hearth company with now over 80 pages of top ranking content.

Chimney Sweeps Inc.

Lakeside, CA

Our team has helped this company reach top search ranks in their target areas.

Above & Beyond Chimney

Farmington, MA

We have loved working with the Above & Beyond crew to deliver the best results!

Chimney Solutions

Atlanta, GA

We've worked with Christian LeBlanc for years, achieving a dominant position.

hudson valley inc homepage

Hudson Valley Chimney

Hyde Park, NY

Brandtastic has worked with Bill & Robby Murphy for many years.

chimney saver solutions homepage

Chimney Saver Solutions

Richmond, VA

Chimney Saver Solutions is top-ranking in Richmond and surrounding areas!

felgemacher masonry & chimney homepage

Felgemacher Chimney

Buffalo, NY

With a new website, great results in rankings were achieved quickly!

fluesbrothers homepage


Kansas City, KS

We helped Fluesbrothers tremendously with their online rankings.


Pensacola, FL

A chimney & hearth company located in our backyard in Florida!

northeastern chimney llc homepage

Northeastern Chimney

West Hartford, CT

Our team has helped this company reach a wider area in the West Hartford region!

Ye Olde Brit Chimney

San Bernardino, CA

We were able to help Keith Jackson rank in over 300 Top Google Rankings.

A-1 Chimney Specialists

Winchester, TN

One of our latest sites. We just visited A-1 and got lots of great photos and videos!

advanced chimney homepage

Advanced Chimney

Augusta, SC

We dropped a 40+ page site on their existing 6-page site and Google rewarded us!

Bethesda Chimney

Washington, D.C

One of our newest clients from D.C. It has been a joy working with Bryan.

mercer county chimney service homepage

Mercer County

Trenton, NJ

Our team has helped this company reach a wider area in the Trenton region!

nayaug chimney service homepage

Nayaug Chimney

Glastonbury, CT

When Nayaug called, we answered and provided some awesome rankings!

chimney specialists homepage

Chimney Specialists

Highland, WI

We have worked with George Breiwa and his family for nearly a decade now.

dubuque fireplace and patio homepage

Dubuque Fireplace & Patio

Dubuque, IA

This Fireplace & Patio company has a beautiful showroom in Dubuque.

burlington fireplace & solar homepage

Burlington Fireplace & Solar

Burlington, WI

This Hearth company serves a wide area from Milwaukee to Northern Illinois.

louisville chimney sweep & repair homepage

Louisville Chimney

Louisville, KY

John Silliman is doing extremely well for a new site in this competitive market.

Oliver Twist Chimney

Long Beach, CA

We have loved working with the Oliver Twist crew to deliver awesome results!

National chimney service homepage

National Chimney Service

Stamford, CT

This website made a HUGE difference in how National Chimney Service grows!

fire n stone homepage

Fire N' Stone

Tilton, NH

We helped Angelo and Sarah Farruggia rank as one of the top chimney sweep sites!


Hiring Videos Work!

One thing we are hearing LOUD & CLEAR is that it's difficult to find qualified employees. We have been helping our clients generate interest by CREATING VIDEOS and promoting them on Social Media. Click here to view videos.


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When you do great work that DELIVERS REAL RESULTS, the word gets around. That's how we became known as the BEST CHIMNEY SWEEP WEBSITE DESIGNER (and SEO Experts) in North America. Word of mouth led us from one sweep to the next. So far Brandtastic has created Sweep & Hearth Sites for companies in Connecticut, New York, Virginia, Georgia, California, Kentucky, Maryland, Iowa and beyond!

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