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Content Is King, But Story Is Queen

Are You Telling Your Story Effectively?

Many times a new client will say "but we don't really have a story" - that is so NOT TRUE... every company, every person has plenty of "stories" that make them stand out from the crowd. What makes you different (and better) is what customers buy. We are expert at listening and learning about your business and then crafting your story to appeal to your audience. Everyone knows the old adage "A picture is worth a 1000...", yea - you know the rest! That is why real photography done by our team on-site at your location with your people in the pictures is sooooooooo important to telling a compelling story. We meet in person with each client to get all the ammo needed to hit your target market and deliver qualified leads via your new web platforms. Learn more about how we work with new clients here.

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Make sure your content is unique and relevant. Google indexes between 250 and 500 words per page, so if you have less or more, adjust your information and arrange it in such a way that it all gets indexed. Don’t repeat text exactly from page to page, or copy it directly from a common source (ex. - don’t copy directly from the manufacturers site to the dealers site). Your ranking will be determined by what you have to say compared to what the next company in the same business has to say. If you have 6 pages and they have 60, guess who wins? The game is really quite simple, Search Engines like Google are looking to provide the searcher with the “best” answer to their search string. If your site has the best information that is most relative to the search you will be in a good position to be found.

Who Do You Want To Attract And When?

Much thought needs to go into what the real purpose of your site should be. If you provide plenty of great information, but don’t guide the visitor towards a purchase - all you are doing is helping them do their research. Another consideration is when do you want them to find you, when they just start looking for a product or service, or when they are ready to buy it. The place they are in the buying process can be targeted with the right techniques.

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What Role Do Keywords Play?

People are becoming more and more sophisticated in their search techniques today. The total number of qualifier words put into a “search string” is up to 4 on average. That means you need to think about what words your best potential visitor would use to find you, and then align the content of your site to match what they are looking for.

When optimizing for local search we are helped by the fact that half of the searchers will add geographical qualifiers like a town.

Keyword density is a measure of the relevant words that you are using to attract the targeted visitors to your site. Density should be 1.5 words per hundred. Keywords guide your campaign with PPC (pay-per-click) advertising.

When the user types in the words that you have bid on, your sponsored listing can appear. Refrain from using common words that are swamped with searches and unqualified traffic. Select the word combinations that are uniquely aimed at who you want to find your ads.

Keywords In Action - Organic Search

When everything is in balance, and your keywords are at the right percentage of the total copy, meta tags, and title tag, Google may reward you with a good search ranking.

Every page on your website should be designed to work together to form a pyramid of relevant information in all the areas that are important to you. Each page will contribute to the overall lift of the entire site strengthening your position.


"Oil Delivery Cromwell" - Top of Google

Cromwell Energy needed to be on top of the search engines in order to drive local business for their fuel oil company. We were able to move ahead of the local competition and position them at number 1.

The view shown at the right is a "cached' view of what the Google robot saw when it indexed the page last. If you do a search in Google for "Oil Delivery Cromwell", then instead of clicking to go to the site, click the small print after the description that says "Cached." to the right of the listing when you hover over it.

This will give you a view of all of the search string words highlighted so you can see the density of the keywords. This one particular page was able to climb to the top of the search and is the #1 result on Google and on the Local Search Map.

Looking at the "cached" views of the pages that return from search strings is very helpful when trying to see when your pages were indexed and what Google saw. This view is also helpful when looking at your competitors to get an idea of why they are ranking above you, and what you can do to climb above them! Now this is only one vertical of this website, designed to hone in on those in need of fuel oil. Other pages on the site will be devoted to other related services and when all the pages work together a site can be built that uses the cumulative effects of top ranking pages to end up with a top ranking website. Remember, Google ranks each page on its own merit and then connects the dots.

SEO depends on content that is relative to the keywords that are contained in the title and meta tags that are contained on the page. Don't put keywords in your title and description metatags if you don't talk about those keywords in your content. Don't stuff your metas full of everything but the kitchen sink and expect Google to pay attention!

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