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Most companies don't know what to do with Social Media these days. They know they need it, they know it helps their Search Engine Rankings, delivers leads and creates tremendous branding opportunities but they just don't understand all of the ins and outs of how to get it done correctly. That's where we come in. Brandtastic can manage your blog including great content written just for you, post it on all the important social platforms and build your social following for you.

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Are You Socially Networked?

Many of us are a bit overwhelmed by the blogging and tweeting, the “friend” requests, the Linkedin updates and writing on the wall! And that is just the beginning. The truth is that marketing is becoming increasingly fragmentized and user-centric. If your demo is 18-64 and you are not using Facebook, you are left in the dust. We can never be all things to all people, but if we are good at what we do and we cultivate the grassroots approach via the appropriate social sites, we will see results. When a satisfied customer takes the time to post a comment about the great job that you did, word does get around. Compare these sites to the old days when the front porch of the General Store was the place to hear the latest and greatest about anything under the sun. The internet has sprouted thousands of those front porches for you to sit on.

Increase Your Online Identity.

If you are like most business people, you probably are busy people! You may wonder where folks find the time for all this "social" stuff. Apply the rules that define your personal ROI. Most business people are not out to make lots of friends online, but they are interested in meeting others that they may develop a mutually beneficial business relationship with. So, join the sites that line up with your market and use them. Make sure your company listing is out there on every networking and chamber site that you belong to. When someone searches your name or your company name, you want a whole lot of results to come up. If you are not on LinkedIn, go to linkedin.com and join today. For a business person that is a great place to start being “social”.

Some Examples of Client Web Platforms & Social Media

WOM = Word Of Mouth

Never underestimate the value of good WOM! Word of Mouth, is basically a free referral. What could be better for any salesperson? Generating free positive feedback on the internet is the game plan for any web savvy business today. On the flip side though, be aware that negative reviews will travel quicker than positive ones. Be prepared to address those consumer concerns or complaints before they escalate into cyberspace.

social marketingDon't PUSH - Engage!

We are bombarded by so many marketing messages that are PUSHED at us from every direction that we have zoned out. Collectively our society is no longer paying attention to what is being PUSHED at us. Advertising companies continue to churn out messages and we avoid them even more.

So what can be done? How can we get our message out to the customers that we want to have?

Simple - STOP PUSHING. The law of attraction is at play now. Do what you do well and find ways to subtly let others know about it. Don’t yell from the rooftops, speak with intelligence on the blogs. Become the expert, and let your message draw the audience in.

The days of pushing and cold calling are coming to an end. It is time to figure out how to get the right message in front of just the right people - the internet has made it possible to do just that.

To Blog or Not to Blog?

Posting on blogs with relevant comments and things that build your online reputation is always a great idea. If it does not appear too "spammy", many times you can even sign off with your name and domain name thereby creating a link to your website. Or post something interesting that is a hyperlink to another valuable site - people appreciate the sharing of good information, and make sure that it is not always about you!

How About Starting Your Own Blog

Blogs are one of the fastest growing segments of the internet. Google does a great job of indexing them - that is what makes them very attractive vehicles to get messages out there. There are rules though, just because you have a blog does not mean that someone will read it. Again, we are back to great content. Write things that are of interest, don’t write a sales letter. Post on other blogs and become a part of the community relative to your business or interests. Blogs are indexed much more often than normal sites. The reason is that the content is constantly changing, at least it should be. A blog with no recent posts is a dead blog. So, if you plan on starting a blog, plan on the time it takes to update and moderate it too.

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