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So, How is Business?

Common question at networking events and in client meetings, right? If you are a marketer (and aren’t we all) your answer should be “Better Than Ever!” This economy presents large challenges, but that opens many doors to us that never would have been open when Business Owners, Presidents, CEO’s and CFO’s were content with the status quo. The exorbitant ad or marketing agencies were doing just fine churning out rebranding packages and flashy websites. Today, opportunities abound for smart marketers. Those who are nimble, adaptive, and ready to guarantee results. The days of award winning creative with dubious measurable ROI are long gone. Sure, we are very creative at Brandtastic, but the real measure of any marketing plan is in the results.

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NewsFlash: Everything Leads To The Web

So your site better be great!

We love integrated campaigns that use many channels to reach your target market. Direct mail, print advertising, radio, email, and on and on – that marketing mix when customized correctly for your business can deliver great results. But where does all marketing point today? To your website of course. Prior to most any purchase in B2B or B2C, buyers do research on the web. If you catch their attention with an advertisement, they will go to your website. This is not news to any of you, but judging from the way many businesses treat their website design and its ability to convert visitors to clients, they may not be fully understanding how important the web really is.

Are You Tracking Your Website?

Google offers FREE tools that can be used to track exactly what happens on your website. Many people know this, but still they do not bother installing the analytics. How can they know how their website is doing without this vital information!

SEO and Internet Marketing Drive Leads

If your website is not driving new business to your company, why do you have it? Many companies have had their first website, then they had their website redone by web designers a second time, but they still are not generating business! As a full service Orlando marketing company we are interested in how your site performs and how we can deliver more qualified leads to your business. THAT is the purpose of a website for most businesses.

Need An Impressive Trade Show Display?

We can design and produce displays that will attract more attention and communicate your company message in a professional way. Here is the display we recently created for the HIMSS Show in Orlando for a Health Care Data Company.

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