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Message From Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic:

If you value experience, you’ll love the team that I have on board. We have the perfect mix of new, emerging talent and seasoned professionals, ready to meet any challenge. You may have noticed that traditional methods of marketing and advertising are not hitting the mark these days. You need to talk to us soon about coming up with a plan that will deliver measurable results.

Personally, I bring 30+ years of work in the industry to your project. Over that time, I have created branding (logo design) for over 500 companies, and helped many others achieve great results through a network of top professionals. As the Creative Director and President of Brandtastic, I have the honor of orchestrating our talent into a solution for each individual project.

Rather than having a huge staff, we’ve assembled a lean team of over 8 employees and 17 active business partners that will provide top notch services, tailored to fit your needs.

So if it has to do with your company’s image, count on us to do it right. No matter where you are in the country (or even out of the country), we are your best bet for a marketing agency you can trust to GET RESULTS!

Call Frank, President of Brandtastic anytime to see What We Can Do for Your Brand.
Frank Motola
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