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National Product - Safety Device

National Roll-Out of New Safety Product

search engine optimization When Rob June of SafeSlider.com decided to go national with sales of his sliding door locks, he knew that the internet had to be the vehicle to accomplish the national sales levels that he needed. This was a primarily a B2C model so it would require that we achieve very high rankings with search strings that would bring in sales. The site was designed to appeal to young families that are concerned with childproofing and families that may be concerned with security.

This product is in high demand, we just needed to connect with those who were looking for us! First, we invested in a PPC (pay-per-click) Adwords campaign to identify exactly what terms we needed to optimize the pages for in order to bring in the traffic and create the sales.

The site began to generate traffic and sales almost immediately and has continued to increase steadily.

We are on the first page of Google or Bing Nationally for:

"Sliding Door Locks"
"Patio Door Locks"
"Child Proof Sliding Door Locks"
"Child Proof Patio Door Locks"

Beyond SEO Orlando - Internet Marketing
Links - Social - Directories - Blogging

For Safeslider.com we have an ongoing effort to be seen on the internet as many places as possible. We joined directories for childproofing and security, look for appropriate linking strategies to other related sites and we post daily on news, parenting, home security and community blogs. Anywhere else it makes sense to spread the word will add to our net of influence and increase our link popularity, a key ingredient in good Google ranking. Social sites are also a tremendous place to tell lots of people about what you are doing and hope that they tell others.

top of search results

Just because you're at the top now, doesn't mean you'll stay there.

How Long Do You Need To Do SEO?

Reaching the top of the search engines is not one of those "do it and be done with it" type of projects, it is an ongoing process that requires attention and adjustment as long as you intend to continue staying on the search results. Don't forget, there is a world of competition doing everything they can to knock those at the top off the page so they can take the spot! Once your site is optimized properly for the key words that you choose to compete on, maintenance, analytics and competitive upgrading will be needed to preserve and build on your ranking.

SEO Requires The Right Tools

Search Engine Optimization software that we use at BrandTastic can analyze our clients competition and tell us what we need to do to get ahead of them on the search engine results. One tool will tell us exactly who links to them and the value of the links they have, another tool can tell us where we stand in the Google rankings when the site in question is not in the first few pages. For instance when we began with SafeSlider.com they were a completely new site, so of course they were no where to be found - not even in the first 50 pages of Google (500 results). By the end of our first 3 weeks online, we jumped into the top 500 coming in at 146, 2 weeks later the site jumped to high on the second page at position 12. After only 3 months online, now we are actually ranking 1, 2 or 3 for our primary list of targeted keywords! Now we have decided to go after even tougher targets by trying to rank with "sliding door lock" without the qualifier of "child proof" - currently we made it to the first page in position #7 and we are waiting on Googles next indexing to see if we move up to a top first page position. It can be done, with the correct mix of content, links and time.

Need A Corporate Video for the Web? We have the videographers for the job!

videographyOwn a camcorder? Do it yourself!

Amateur "You Tube" Style Video Increased Our Sales Tremendously

It seemed like there may have been a barrier to purchasing on our SafeSlider.com site and we had a hunch that potential buyers were not sure that they could install the slider lock themselves it they ordered it. There wasn't a budget for a professional video just yet, so Rob, his son and I got together at a client's home and took a handheld video showing how simple it actually was. A few hours of editing in iMovie and voila - our homegrown installation video. Sales increased overnight! Our hunch was correct, and the inexpensive video did the trick.

SEO and Internet Marketing Took A Completely New Company to Profitability

In a very short time, the internet allowed us to create a great sales platform where we could announce to the world that SafeSlider.com has the best sliding door lock around. No other marketing channel could even begin to deliver the results that we have seen in such a short time and on such a small budget. Now our client has the ability to experiment with some ads in local Homeowners Association newsletters and advertise in some other online sites while we continue to build the existing customer lists. These satisfied customers will become our biggest asset as they spread the word to others that may be interested in the sliding door locks. Recently, we launched a micro-site that is aimed at "The Villages" market. The Villages is a retirement community in Central FL that seems like a great demographic for our product. We started an email campaign to drive visitors to the micro-site and then on to the main site to get more information and hopefully make a purchase!

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