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Waller Group / Plumbing Division

Cassie Gawtrey & Carl Stutzman,

Back in November we met with Maxx and opened a dialogue about Web Marketing and the importance of SEO, Web Design, Social Media & Blogging. My hope was to have a second meeting with Brian and Maxx but their schedules never allowed it. You can see from the page we created in November that not many of the rankings have changed – click here.

This chart below shows approximately where you stand for several search terms on Google, Bing & Yahoo. Waller is doing fairly well in a few areas and not good at all in others. I notice that there are not many local results, so that area definately needs work. The organic results depend on many factors and I am sure that with a new site and an ongoing SEO program – many of these positions can improve dramatically.

Perhaps you might give Brandtastic a chance to show you our stuff with the Plumbing Division.

This division really deserves a website of it’s own and will do much better that way. As you can see below the Waller Group site is not ranking well for many of the services that the Plumbing Division offers.

Scroll down to the bottom to see some results we got for another service company in CT, Franklin Painting. We have worked with them for years keeping their web marketing in great shape.

These Results are from tonight – March 19th, 2015

House Painting Company in CT – Top Rankings

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