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Service Industry Results – House Painting Company – Farmington, CT

The chart above illustrates the HUGE numbers that Franklin Painting is enjoying after working with us for over a decade! “That is a long time”, you say? Well, unfortunately web success comes only to those who are consistent with their online efforts. Actually we started working with Franklin Painting in 2010 and saw great gains right after our first website update, but then they decided to step up their efforts in an effort to DOMINATE the rankings! Now we manage ALL of their Social Media, Blog Posting, Google Ads and SEO consistently and have continued to increase business. Frank Campanelli, owner of Franklin Painting, continues working with Brandtastic today and will be happy to talk to any other Painting Contractors (outside of his market) about Brandtastic’s results.


Our SEO Work Keeps Them On TOP of the Google Rankings – SEE RESULTS


Visit Their Website & See Why This Lead Generating Machine Works So Well

When Frank Campanelli, President of Franklin Painting called us back in the Fall of 2010 he wanted to know why his website just wasn’t delivering leads or ranking high for any of his keywords. We examined the site and discovered some basic things that had not been done correctly with the title, description and alt meta-tags as well as a lack of in-depth content that discussed his services. The site only had stock photos and although it looked and functioned well, it was rather impersonal and not very convincing.

Be SURE to scroll to the bottom and see the Actual SEO RESULTS Documented!

Soon after all the Website Revisions, Local Citations, and SEO were done the rankings increased and the visits to the website increased too. The leads started coming in and the site now generates new business on a regular basis. NEXT, We added a Blog for Ongoing Content that was perfect to use on Social Media.

Over 250 Blog Pages Make This Site a POWERHOUSE Lead Generator  – Visit  Blog

Mobile Search is Dominating

responsive web design lakeland flMost all of our clients have experienced a HUGE increase in web visits from mobile devices and tablets over the past few years. According to Google Analytics that is installed on Frank’s website – Mobile (54%) and Tablet (5%) visits now combine for 59% of all visits, with 41% of website visits coming from Desktop users. We saw this trend starting years ago and rather than building special “mobile” sites we opted to build our sites to be “responsive” in design. That means that as your screen gets smaller, the site responds by delivering every webpage in a readable format for the screen size that it is viewed on. This type of design really is a MUST in today’s market.


Frank Campanelli’s Testimonial

Painting website marketing painting company blog

Frank Campanelli, President of Franklin Painting


Frank is an absolute wizard of organic search optimization. Since Frank and his team have revamped my web presence, I have enjoyed a surplus of qualified sales lead in the kind of work that is most profitable to my company. Since Frank has increased my leads in my profit-center type of work, I feel almost guilty hearing from other contractor friends who complain that their phone has stopped ringing.”



Blogs & Social Matter!

We advised Frank that if he wanted to stay ahead of the competition that he would need to begin engaging on Social Media and Blogging about topics related to his services that potential customers might be interested in. Now, that ongoing work done by Brandtastic on behalf of Franklin Painting is really paying off. They have many friends, fans, and followers that are learning more about the company and because Google now values your “Social Signals” as 1/3 of your total web influence, the rankings have remained solid and actually improved more! Another benefit from an SEO standpoint is that every new blog post that we add puts new, fresh content on the blog website that links to the main website. This is an incredible way to increase keyword influence with Google and stay at the top. Visit the Painting Blog Here.

Brandtastic manages all the content for the blogs, posts them, and then publishes them across all of the Social Channels that are important for growth. We also build a following and engage in conversation with Franklin Painting’s connections.

Social Media Management

Most companies just don’t have the time or the skills to handle this important area of web marketing today, so they hire us to take care of that for them! Our work is totally transparent, so consumers are always under the impression that all of this content is coming directly from the experts at Franklin Painting. They do help us select topics and review all posts for accuracy, but we are the ones making sure the work is done on an ongoing basis.











Here’s The Real Ranking Positions From December 2020 – Proof Of Our Results!

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