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So many things can factor into your brand building strategy. As you align your brand message correctly and organize all your marketing around it, you will begin to see tremendous increase in recognition and engagement with your target market. Branding does not happen overnight, it is not something that you pay an ad agency to provide, it is more about the message that you project across any and all aspects of your business interactions. Agencies can provide tools and direction, but the brand for your company is ultimately built from within.

Navigating Google for Local Businesses

You are probably familiar with the behemoth search engine, Google. You may even know that it can be extremely beneficial to your business to rank at the top of search results when a local customer searches for products and services … Continue reading

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Responsive Web Design vs. Dedicated Mobile Site

With over 7 billion mobile devices in the world, having a website that is optimized for mobile devices is no longer a question of “should” but “how.” Most companies know that having a mobile friendly site is imperative to reaching … Continue reading

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