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When we started with AllPool in Orlando, FL their website was what you might call “antiquated” – very generic and boring. They were not generating any business from the web. After we finished their new website the tremendous increase in web visits by qualified local customers boosted their business even during our recent recession.

AllPool had neglected their website for years! Even after 2008 they made small changes but the site still didn’t deliver enough leads.



Has your website looked the same for years and years? That is NOT a good online strategy. It is a strategy to be left in the dust while other companies keep their websites current and attractive looking. Think about it as a buyer, if someone lands on your site would they pick up the phone or go back to Google and look at more companies?


2012 Summer Season’s web visits were up 433% over 2010 at AllPool.com


That translated into new pool cleaning routes, more pool repairs and increased store sales.





Check out their NEW website here: http://www.AllPool.com

Brandtastic completely revamped the website with new photos, new content and videos and now it delivers qualified leads every day!


We visited AllPool and took lots of pictures of their showroom and of their service techs in the field cleaning pools and making repairs. Then we followed their refinishing crew and got some shots of a complete pool refinishing job. Once we had all the “real” photos we needed to personalize their new site we started work on the design.



Brandtastic makes it easy for customers. Just talk to us and tell us what makes you great, how your business does what it does and what you do best. Then we take that info and turn it into great copy that will resonate with your potential customers and impress Google too.


Yes, Google still runs the show with 70% of all searches. And don’t get wrangled into wasting money on paid ads or yellow page style internet marketing. It is ALL a waste of time and money. The goal is to build a STRONG website that will generate business directly to you. This can be accomplished, but unfortunately there are only a handful of companies that know how and what to do.

The work goes so much farther than just the website, it reaches out to blogs, social media, linking, videos and much more. Smart companies hire Brandtastic to just “take care of it”. Then they go to work at the work that they do best. Don’t fret over all the HullaBullu over doing this and that, just look over our site and call some of our customers and you will find that we can handle all of your marketing needs.

Now, How About If You Landed On The New Site?

Do you have difficulty getting in touch with your web company? Have they gone out of business or do they just ignore your calls? Well, you can turn to Brandtastic to always be responsive and to manage your web presence. For many of our web design clients we end up managing an ongoing web marketing plan that includes writing blog articles that are relevant to your customers, producing YouTube videos, building social followings and interacting with followers.

Web Design + SEO = GOOGLE Results
You are probably sick of being told by phone solicitors, Yellow Page Salespeople, SEO “Experts” or Web Designers that they can put you at the top of Google. If you are ready to talk to a REAL expert that has proof…
Give us a call to hear the straight truth about real results for a change!

Proven Results For ALLPOOL Below
Position #1 – nearly 40 keywords
Position #1 or 2 – over 70 keywords
Position #1 – 9 – over 160 keywords

Remember, Getting Them There Is Only Half The Battle
Now You Need To Convert Them!

If you’re ready to get serious about turning your website into a marketing machine please call us to schedule a free consultation. So many websites just don’t perform well. They don’t rank high enough for relevant keywords to deliver any visitors and the visitors they get leave right after they see the first page!

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