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My business career began in the late 70's, that means we have what is called "experience".

Owning several marketing companies starting at age 22 has given me an inside view of what it really takes to get results. Our family businesses started in CT and expanded into Florida about 10 years ago. Today, Brandtastic is the flagship brand that creates killer web platforms across the entire country and in Canada. That means the best Lakeland Web Design can be found right here in your area!

More Reasons to Hire Us for Your Web Design in Lakeland, FL.

Keyword Search Audits to improve SEO in Lakeland FLInclusive Website Building & Design Packages

We design highly personalized websites that tell your company's story and connect with visitors in a way that turns them into your new customers. Our Lakeland SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is built in from the ground up. If your website doesn't rank on page 1 in search results in Lakeland for terms that are important to your business you might as well not have a site at all. You probably hear from "experts" at least once a week that tell you they can get you to the top of Google. Well, we really can deliver those kind of results - and we have a track record of doing just that.

Social media management and blog management are also part of our toolbox to help you build your online branding. Brandtastic will help your business succeed with Internet Marketing in Lakeland, Polk County, Florida or the entire nation.

Our Lakeland area marketing agency does the best logo design, website design, seo and brochure development in town, but we spend most of our time "our of town". Like any business we go where the work is, and work via referrals has brought us new accounts in 11 states and Canada in the past year. But the truth is, that we would much rather work with local Lakeland web design projects.

We know that there are companies out there in the Lakeland FL area that have wasted a lot of money and time on websites that don't work. They may look fine, but they don't work for you - they don't deliver new business! Our tagline is "Results Based Marketing". That means that we do not spend your hard earned money on anything that will not deliver measurable results. And we have the proof. When we get together we can show you increases of between 300 and 1000 percent in our clients lead generation capability.

Our latest Polk County jobs were for an Air Conditioning company and a Roofing company. That means that we will not be accepting any more clients in this area for those type of businesses. We always protect our clients in that way. Since our goal is to put you on the top of the search engines, it would not be ethical to then go and sell that service to your competitor!

It is hard to find a marketing agency in Winter Haven or a Lakeland Web Designer that won’t cost your business more than you can afford. Well, we may just be the right agency for you! If you are sick of highfalutin’ agencies and pie-in-the-sky marketing plans, let’s sit down and talk. Brandtastic provides real, down-to-earth direction and services to boost your brand and generate new leads. We provide all of the creative, writing, content development, graphic design, web design and photography services that you may need in-house. From web design, website content, brochures, printing, photography and trade show displays to expert SEO in Lakeland, FL & marketing that delivers real returns.

Lakeland Web Design

We are ready to come in and listen to your story, learn your unique selling angle and create the content required to make a convincing website. We also do all of our own photography and will even create that YouTube video that can drive new business.


Some Of Our Latest Projects

We ARE Your Best Choice for a Lakeland Web Designer

Feel free to contact any of our clients directly, or we will provide reference information for you.


Pool Works

"Our site looks amazing. thanks to your team for all the photo work and pages that you created to make us look great! Stephen & Frank take great photos too!"

Owner - Keith Johnson

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Cypress Creek

"I’m glad I found these wonderful people. Went thru to many.... big ones small ones. Been here 21/2 years. U won’t be disappointed."

Owner - Mike Petresky

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NHCS Construction

"I highly recommended Brandtastic for their website design, marketing, and branding. I give them two thumbs up in every category."

Owner - Chris Lofton

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RGS Home Inspection

"Made a great looking site that ranks and also came out to take some great photos and videos!"

Owner - Kyle Goderis

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A Perfect 10 Fencing

"Brandtastic helps manage my website & social media. I'm so glad we found them and they continue to do good work."

Owner - Tobias Eastin

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Fit & Trim

"When I interviewed 3 other website designers, before hiring you, I knew they couldn’t get it right by some of the things they told me. You stood out when I talked to you about this website, now I know why. Thank you!"

Owner - Betty Troyer

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