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Video Is A Must

YouTubeYouTube – How Can Videos Help My Website
Is YouTube for me?

YouTube has a database that is larger than the Library of Congress’s collection of about 10 million books. Every minute, 13 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube servers. The site logs hundreds of millions of views a week. YouTube is for everyone.
source: Wahington Post

Online video is proliferating the web whether you participate or not.

Many users prefer visual learning, some want textual. The solution – offer both of course! The advantage that video has is that is by using the targeted keywords well, you are able to rise up the Search Engines faster. But be careful – just like bad copy, a bad video can do more harm than good. If you have a great video on the other hand, it may “go viral” and increase brand awareness even quicker than a huge TV campaign.

Can a YouTube Video Boost Business?

It Sure Did The Trick For BlendTec!

Witness the popularity of the “Will it Blend” video by blendtec.com. The premise is based on this question “Everybody knows that the iPhone can make phone calls, play movies & music, surf the web, and a lot more. But, Will It Blend?” That is the question that the CEO asks as he puts the iPhone into the Blendtec high-end blender in his extremely Viral Video that is now up to 12 million views!

But did it really bring in business?

What were your hopes for “Will It Blend?”

“I knew Tom made an awesome blender and we just had to show people how it worked. I never dreamed that a $50 marketing budget would take us to The Tonight Show and more than 100 million Web hits.” George Wright / former Blendtec Marketing Director

Not bad, reach over 100 million people for 50 bucks!

Can you quantify how the campaign has led to actual sales?

Since “Will It Blend?” started, we’ve had explosive sales growth of 700 percent of our home products! It’s been a home run since the day we launched. Talk about viral marketing, now I’m the expert, but it’s all George. We’re in textbooks and I speak to marketing people all the time, but when George first pitched his idea to me I said, “Who tube?” I’m glad I listened to him! – Tom Dickson / Blendtec CEO
source: Inc.com

I am just a small company, I can’t afford a video for my website.

If the message is compelling, don’t worry so much about a high production value and a professional quality video for the web. Sometimes the homegrown look of camcorder videos actually lend a sense of believability to your message. And have fun with it, the audience does not want to know your company’s history or hear a list of all of the services you offer.

Sometimes there is a defined purpose for the use of video, like showing how to install something or how to use a product. We used this idea for our client, SafeSlider.com to show buyers how easy our lock was to install. It worked great and sales went up!

Sometimes you may want a higher definition video that can be purposed for other uses or that needs to look professional – we’re here for you! BrandTastic does great professional corporate videos that are great additions to your website & social media marketing campaign.

No, we did not have anything to do with the idea for the BlendTec video – but we are always on the watch for an idea that could take a clients brand or message to a whole new level via a simple home made video. Maybe you have an idea that could turn your company into a success story! Together we can shoot, edit and post the video on your website and YouTube. You never know, your idea may be the next “Will It Blend!”

Check out a few Youtube Channels we have set up for our clients. They have done quite well & some feature videos are now ranked on the first page of Google SERPs.

YouTube Video Channels

United Fireplace & Stove

Burlington Fireplace

Hudson Valley Chimney

Fireplaces Plus

Search – FIREPLACE INSERTS FRESNO CA – Our YouTube video is on PAGE 1 of organic search results – and link results with videos get more clicks than regular links!

YouTube Search Results

Other YouTube Video Results on Google that We’ve Created:

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