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Using SEO to Help Increase Performance of Adwords

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising is a great way to help increase your company’s exposure to relevant people. Whether you are looking to gain more customers, promote a sale or special, or procure more sales leads, PPC is a great asset to your marketing plan. Google has consistently ranked as “top dog” as far as PPC platforms go, mainly because they are the number one search engine in the world holding a remarkable 80% of all search traffic.

Optimize your website for search engines with SEO marketing in Pittsburgh PAGoogle Adwords

While Google’s PPC platform Adwords is easy to get started - simply sign up and enter credit card information - it is quite hard to run a successful campaign, especially if you don’t understand the ins and outs of keyword planning, ad relevancy, ad extensions, budget planning, etc. Hiring an expert in the field can do wonders for both your budget and your campaign success. A qualified Adwords specialist will be able to reduce your Cost Per Click (CPC -or how much you pay when someone clicks on your ad) as well as track results and conversions and use that data to evolve your ad plan into a well-oiled machine.

Brandastic has mastered the art of Pay Per Click ads. We use Google Adwords to create dynamic, successful ad campaigns that reach an extremely targeted range of users that are more likely to turn into customers, visitors, or paying clients. As a leading expert in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) field, we use the methods we’ve learned and fine-tuned over the years to create extremely relevant ads. High ad relevancy is one of the main components needed to have a successful marketing campaign. Using great ad copy, landing pages that are extremely specific, and highly searched for keywords, we can increase the conversion rate and reduce the cost per conversion. This helps avoid wasting time and money on generic ad sets that don’t deliver measurable results.

Lowering Costs with Specific SEO Details

For many of our service clients, including house painters, chimney sweeps, roofing contractors and pool cleaning services, we create a specific set of town pages that include all of the pertinent service areas of each company. Once we load these on the main website, we create ad sets in a town-specific campaign through Adwords that correlates to these new pages. By curating specific ad text and a list of highly viable keywords, we are able to reach customers specific to their service area that can and will be able to use the services each company provides. In almost all cases, we have been able to reduce CPC by two thirds of what clients were originally spending before we took over their ad accounts.

Our team of Adwords experts creates very strong, highly targeted ad campaigns that include features like site extensions, display advertising, remarketing abilities and more. We use Google’s Display Advertising options to effectively remarket to people who have recently visited your site as well as to new, targeted customers who are specifically looking for your product or services. This is a very cost effective way to reach a large number of people interested in what your company has to offer at a low Cost Per Impression (CPI). This strategy is great for branding or when you want to remain top-of-mind to potential customers who have previously visited your website or landing page. This is highly effective at getting these users to turn into paying customers.

Brandtastic Can Help Create a Successful PPC Ad Campaign

PPC advertising works - but it only works and remains viable when it is done correctly. There are a lot of variables to consider when creating an effective PPC marketing campaign. Brandtastic is a Certified Adwords Agency and can help companies create an optimized ad campaign that can increase leads, acquire customers, and direct more traffic to your website. Just showing up in the ad space isn’t going to be good enough. We can maximize volume and ROI and help you play to win. Contact Frank today to discuss how we can help you navigate a successful PPC advertising campaign and get a free quote.

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