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Why Do I Need a PR Campaign?

For many of the businesses we work with, reputation is everything. We know that it takes years to build a solid reputation and only seconds to lose it, so we help clients take control of their image and make sure it reaches the right audience at the right time. When you control your company’s public relations message, you can manage the positive flow of information & branding to potential clients when it matters the most. Plus, PR is a great way to connect with audiences when they have become increasingly resistant to traditional marketing techniques.

PR does not equal Press Releases!

At one time or another, press releases had their place in a public relations campaign, but now-a-days it’s just not enough. So many companies pour huge amounts of their PR budget into automated press release websites like PRweb.com or PRnewswire.com. Some larger companies may spend over $5,000 a month on getting 6 to 10 press releases distributed for the sake of link building alone! Here’s the thing. Thousands and thousands of press releases are published every single day. Using websites that set up automatic distribution may get you a few links but it won’t get your information to your target market. For the most part, press releases get largely ignored and often won’t even get to the people who will benefit from and indulge in the information and stories you have to share.

Instead, a good PR campaign should focus on sharing helpful information that your target audience will find useful or interesting, and reaching media outlets that your target market uses regularly. This could be television news appearances, industry publications, podcasts, relevant & highly valued websites, and more. By setting a clear objective, whether that would be to create awareness of a company, brand, or product OR increasing the sales of a particular product or service, our clients are able to obtain their goal in a cost effective & efficient manner.

“I Can’t Afford a Public Relations Campaign”

Large public relations firms charge tens of thousands of dollars to manage & execute a PR campaign.  Most small businesses and entrepreneurs cannot afford this type of expense, even if campaign is successful. When you work with our team of marketing experts, you can see the results you want with a more manageable PR expense. We help your story & information get out to the media outlets that matter the most without a huge PR budget. We work diligently to get you a boost in publicity that you would not normally be able to reach with a traditional PR firm due to budget constraints.

“But My Business Doesn’t Have a Story”

Even if you think there is nothing extraordinary about your business or product, there is always a story to be told! When you meet with our PR professionals, we will get familiar with your business and find out what is truly unique about you, your company, and your products or services. Sometimes and outside perspective is all you need to gain a clear picture of your competitive advantage.

Don’t believe us? Here’s a look at a few of our recent clients:

Lawhorn’s Seasoning- Touchdown Tenders

Lawhorn’s is a company that sells premium cooking seasonings. The family-owned company was looking to boost sales and increase awareness of their signature seasonings. Once Brandtastic determined the best way to reach their target audience, our team reached out to local news stations right before the Super Bowl to pitch a live appearance where the owner of Lawhorn’s cooked up some delicious “Touchdown Tenders” utilizing their seasoning. Because the story was timely to the Super Bowl and shared information that viewers could use and appreciate, 3 local news stations scheduled a live appearance. Without a huge budget, Lawhorn’s was able to exponential extend their reach and increase the awareness of their product indirectly while sharing a wonderful recipe that viewers could use.

Industrial Access - Why Rope Access Teams are similar to Navy Seals

Industrial Access is an industrial maintenance company that specializes in rope access & high angle projects. Working on incredibly large structures like chimneys, smokestacks, towers, bridges, cranes, and the like, the crew members often faced the difficult task of accessing hard-to-reach structures. In order to get their company name in front of their target market, we co-authored an article discussing an interesting comparison between rope access technicians and the Navy Seals. The article was packed with information that was both interesting and entertaining to read, while still creating awareness of the special services and the competitive advantage that Industrial Access offers. After we sent out a pitch and the sample article, twelve different industrial & energy publications picked up the piece. The article was published in the perfect places to reach their target market and cost considerably less than the budget needed for an extensive PR campaign.

Local Grandmother Invents New Tech Accessory!

A 62 year old South Tampa grandmother was inspired to create a new tech accessory that makes it easier for people with arthritis or disabilities to hold tablets and eReaders. Once the grandmother launched her product with a Kickstarter campaign & Youtube video, she needed to spread awareness and encourage preorders. The intriguing story was shared with local Tampa news stations with a pitch to do a live interview to discuss the benefits of the extraordinary tech accessory. A Tampa news station was inspired by the local grandmother and scheduled a live, primetime interview to share her story with the viewers (which were also her target market!).

As you can see, you can make a major impact and get your story/brand/product to potential customers without spending a fortune on a PR firm. When you hire the public relations experts at Brandtastic, you can trust in our ability to help increase the reach of your brand, product, or company in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Contact us today to find out more on how we can design a personalized PR campaign to hit your goals.

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