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What Kind of Logo Design Do You Want?

Part1 – Orlando Logo Design – Hartford Logo Design

Many of our clients in Orlando and Hartford seem to have a good idea of what they want to see in a new or better logo. Many have had the same logo design for years, maybe it was done by the boss, a relative or a friend. Then the time comes when the company’s brand equity (what the consumer thinks about them, etc.) does does match the image that they are putting forth in their logo design. Then we get creative!

Now a logo design does not equal branding. The logo design is only the image that your clients associate with your brand. Your brand is a combination of all the experiences and exposure that a client has had with your company. They may love your service, see your trucks all over town and see your ad in the paper. This ads up to a brand equity that is quite valuable. But when this brand is matched with an unprofessionally executed or totally inadequate image to represent your company, you loose some of that value.

Even as a graphic designer that has worked in Hartford, Orlando and a lot of places across the country I have to admit that the greatest logo design in all the world will do a company no good unless they are building their brand every time they interact with their marketplace.

On the other hand a great company that delivers on its promise will continue to do well even if their logo design does not really live up to what it should. For instance, the greatest icon in all the world, Nike – now is easily identified with only the swoosh (or swish if you prefer). But really folks, are we to believe that this is the highest effort of a graphic designer? In fact she was originally paid 35 dollars for the logo, so she was definitely not Madison Avenue ad agency here! But now, the huge brand equity associated with the icon makes it the worlds best. What does the logo mean, I am sure corporate has a statement regarding that by now but what it says to me is “simple is not only good” it is “brilliant.”

Sometimes a client will look for something imaginary that they have in their mind but can’t put on paper. This usually spells trouble for logo designer like me. The idea can be described in ethereal, intangible ways but has no translation into reality that will match the invisible idea. Symbolism can go a long way, and simplicity always helps define our message well.

So, yes “Nike” simple is good if you can pull it off. Simplicity in logo design “art” is the absolute height of design creativity.

Part 2 – What do major brands like?

A logo that does not live up to the brand of your company may come in several forms. The font may not match, the colors may not match, the resolution may be poor (because that is the only copy we have of that logo design) or the whole look may just be wrong for the company.

We did not design this logo.

Now, this is a real example but I don’t mean to single out these folks – they do outstanding work I am sure. But so many clients started with something that just doesn’t fit any more. Perhaps starting out as a remodeling contractor, but now would you expect the same brand from someone building multi-million dollar homes or commercial buildings? So, you will know when it is time for a change.

We DID design this logo for a builder in Tolland, CT Great logo designs are ones that are simple, attractive, eye-catching, and ones you will recognize instantly once they have been associated with your brand experience.

On to Part 2 – What do the Major Brands Like?

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