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Fluesbrothers Chimney & Fireplace

Typically about this time in most of our long-term business relationships with clients we get similar emails to the ones that you sent today. Customers may search on their phone and find that they do not show up in an area for a certain keyword phrase.

A Few Things to Remember…

On a phone the results will vary tremendously depending on what location that Google sees that you are in. Next, the results will be dramatically different depending on the EXACT keyword phrase used. Sometimes customers actually put a town in their search and that will influence. Even having an “s” at the end of Chimney Repair will deliver a different result.

We manage a wide range of keyword and town targets to attempt to rank higher and higher as we continue working with you. The results should continue to improve as we put time into the effort.

The video below will show you how you are ranking for a few of the search terms that we track matched with a town. This is a way to mimic searching without a town when you are actually in that town. We also use Google Ads Preview Tool to see what the local results are in each specific area. This tool allows us to set the location and enter a keyword and actually see what the results would be on the ground in that town or zip code.

You will see many UP arrows in green that indicate the increase in ranking since June 25th.
This IS what we want to see. Some of the UP’s are in the Local realm, which means they were not showing up at all in local and they went UP enough to show in the top 3 results which is what shows at the top of Google.


Are we at the top for everything, everywhere – of course not. But our goal is to keep getting higher and higher. The specific search that you did “Fireplace Repair” in the Lenexa area did not deliver your result because there were other listings that were closer to your location at that time. I have prepared a map that shows the Search Result and the approximate area you were in. You can see that Full Service Chimney is much closer than Fluesbrothers.


If we use the Google Preview Tool we can see that if you did the same search in Edwardsville, KS (I don’t know if that is a good market, this is just to illustrate the difference based on location of the phone.

And of course if you are in Kansas City you win the search.

So the bottom line is that you need to expect different results as you move around town. As you continue to build your strength over the months and years you will conquer more ground in both Local and Organic search. We can also be too consumed by the keywords and the search locations and lose sight of the increase in qualified visits that actually become customers. I just talked to a House Painting client today that has less in the number of visits last year but had better qualified prospects calling and did much better than the previous year.

Hopefully this helps.

There is also the option of creating a listing for your “Home Office” location to pick up more of these south of town searches.



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