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Brandtastic specializes in getting real results using Custom Web Design, SEO, Social Media / Paid Advertising, Photo / Video Production, and so much more.


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We lower your cost-per-click while tracking conversions (calls & contact forms).

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154 Conversions
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$20.16 cost / conv.
Average ticket price of $1,400


Real Example From Our Client - Chimney Solutions showing results for Dec. 1, 2022 - Dec. 31st, 2022


We Do It All

Brandtastic does everything to help you succeed online. That's why we offer an all-inclusive marketing package.


On-site visits are always included when you sign up.


8 creative writers offering way more than AI.


Fully custom websites, not pre-made templates.


Engaging content that grows awareness on all platforms.


An Entire Team Here For You

Now more than ever you need a strong marketing team that understands your company.

Lead Writer

Citation Manager

Lead Writer

General Manager

Record Keeping

Creative Director

Head of Web Design

Head of Video Department



We strive to always keep our clients happy.

My father trusted Frank with his brand and logo 45 years ago, and this relationship has continued to grow over the years. I love working with Brandtastic today because they are knowledgeable, hardworking and always deliver on their promises.
- Dee from City Fish Market, CT

Since making the switch to Brandtastic we have grown to #1 in organic. The team at Brandtastic is always available anytime I have a question or need marketing assistance. Their entire team truly cares about growing our business!
- Brandi Biswell from Fluesbrothers, KS

New Horizon Construction has worked with Brandtastic since 2010! Frank, Stephen and the team have been VERY responsive and proactive working with us on events, videos, trade shows and promotions. Our business has grown tremendously!
- Ron Darmanie from NHCS, FL


We did a lot of homework prior to working with Brandtastic and one of the things that stood out most to us was that they were a one-stop shop. Digital marketing is complex but Brandtastic really streamlines the whole process!
- Mike Shock from Advance Chimney Sweeps, PA


Our Results Speak For Themselves

Grow your business twofold using both organic & paid advertising.


Search Engine Optimization

We build beautiful websites with 50+ pages made to rank #1 on Google.

Many Promise SEO Results, But Few Deliver!

When You Work with Brandtastic, You can count on Real Tangible Results (as in Number 1 Positions on Google for Multiple Keywords) that Deliver New Business. We have a Proven Formula that we would love to explain to you fully in our No-Obligation ZOOM Consultation. Our first website was built in 1997, so experience guides us as we create websites that will Boost Your Business. That means more phone calls and lead forms that increase revenue.

Google Analytics Track Web Visits and Conversions That Increase Your Leads.



Social Media

We increase your brand awareness using videos & photos created specifically for you. Below are a few of our clients platforms.



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