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It seems that you have decided not to move ahead with the ongoing work that had been underway to build your web presence and influence, but it pains us when we see the platforms that were built languishing out there with no new postings or content since May.

Perhaps we might revisit the negotiation or talk about a 6 month plan instead of a year?


Even though our efforts were cut off sharp, there still has been increases in the Organic Visits as we would expect. Google is taking their time when it comes to upward moves in Organic Ranking, so we are seeing improvements despite no ongoing work being done. The problem is that if the site and other support platforms remain dormant for too long the direction will shift and we will lose the ground gained.

This Screenshot from Google Analytics illustrates an increase of 47% Year Over Year for the latest 30 day period.

Although, the number of visits may seem relatively small, these visits hold more of a guarantee of being relevant searchers that are really looking for the services that you offer. They spend much more time on the site and arrive at the site via search queries that indicate better qualified interest.

As you know we just hate to see money wasted, and are all about achieving results for money spent. This is why we need to bring to your attention the continued issue with spending on Adwords. Although your spend is down considerably, the quality of visits generated is still very poor and unlikely to generate real leads. The Bounce Rate is at 97% for the majority of “Content Tarketing” visits indicating that they clicked on something that they really are not interested in. The Bounce Rate on Organic Visits is around 50% but that includes ALL the visits that are using your company name to find your contact information. Sort of using the web like the Yellow Pages. But with Paid Ads, very few of these Bounces can be attributed to that type of visitor since they are coming in via the “Content Targeting”. They spend an average of 1 second on the site!!! This is really money out the window.

This is illustrated by the HIGH BOUNCE RATE and the LOW TIME ON SITE that are marked up in RED. Paid Visits Average Time on Site = 13 Seconds!



Although you have heard us say Google is the one to worry about, the impact of Bing & Yahoo can not be ignored since they have about 30% of the market share of web visits combined. We are doing better on Bing & Yahoo, they are quicker to reward good content with higher rankings.


BING RESULTS – 10.10.14

BING RESULTS – 10.10.14

If you got this far, we truly appreciate the time you have taken to reconsider our proposal!

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