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Types of Google Results

This search was done for “Fireplaces Madison WI” with my browser set as if it were in Madison WI. The layout of Paid Ads, Local Results and Organic Results changes for every search. Sometimes Local will be at the top under the Paid Ads, sometimes there are no Paid Ads at the top, sometimes Organic will have the top 2, 3 or 4 spots and then the Local. Sometimes the Local will display 7 results, sometimes 2, 3 or 5 and sometimes there are no Local results. If Fireplace Folks disappears, CSI might take that spot over.

If you scroll down to the second screenshot you will see what happens if the search entered is “Chimney Liners Madison WI” Our top listing is the Holy Grail of all listings…
What you see is the best listing of all – called a Blended Listing. This has a teardrop so we know that it is tapping into the Local Search info and the map, but it also is based on the strength of the website itself. You notice that even though the listing may look at first glance to be a Local one, it is wider than the other Local Listings on the 1st screenshot and it shows our info at the right LARGE! No map with lots of other companies. Usually only one of these type of listing shows up on the page. Other Organic Results may show up also for the same company as you see we control position 2 with another page on our site.

CSI OWNS this particular search string.

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