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Google Residential Rankings

After learning from you that Residential Work is still important at this point we ran the software with those type of keyword phrases. The results were not good. Especially bad was the fact that you have no Local Results showing with the map.

Your Website’s Rank Tracking Report

We ran some software that shows you exactly where your website is ranking currently for some keyword searches that seem appropriate. These results are fairly accurate, but not perfect. They do provide a good snapshot of where you are now though.

This is a Ranktracking for RESIDENTIAL Fencing Keywords.

There are no Results that show up in position 1 and only 2 that show up in position 3 – that is less than 2% of the 165 total Keyword Phrases that we tracked in this group. 20 (About 12% of total) show on Page 1 of Google. Very few people go past Page 1 of Google and most choose to click on the Top 3 Results. Being in the Local Results is VERY important.

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