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Justin, as you can see from this quick report that we just ran your rankings are not all that bad for some terms and towns. Not sure of the exact towns that you want to target so we just took a guess so we could get a snapshot of where your site lands. Rankings can improve dramatically but the main issue is that when searchers get to the site as it is now they will likely keep looking. The site doesn’t do the job of convincing a visitor that your stores are the best choice out there. Call me anytime, I love talking about our work!

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 As You Can See Brandtastic Delivers Websites That Work!

Hearth & Home Store / Chimney Sweep – Wisconsin –
Hearth Store & Outdoor Kitchen Islands – California –
Hearth & Home Store – Wisconsin – Visits Up 557% with New Site!
Hearth & Home Store – New York – Visits Up 319% with New Site
Hearth & Home Store – Iowa – Visits Up 454% with New Site

We design only sites that will pay for themselves by the increased leads and business that they generate. Today many of our programs include ongoing Blog Management, Social Media Management & Search Engine Optimization. The difference between Brandtastic and the rest of the people that call you… We have the results to prove our claims about ranking high on Google.

BTW, if you are looking for a starter site or a cheap site we are not your company. If you are looking for that company that charges you month after month even though they don’t do any work, that’s not us either.

If you are looking to build a site that is an investment that will pay for itself many times over please give me a call.

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