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greener grass = better results

We have guessed at what keywords might be important to doing better on the web for
W Cotton Mather, PC and ran a current ranking report which is displayed below.

No doubt, we picked some terms that are wrong and missed some that you might want to include but this snapshot will give you a good idea of where you are now.

The websites do not rank well in any search engines for the categories and towns that they should rank for. Search is the #1 way to attract new customers. Local listing, social media, blogging, reviews, etc. can help the effort but without a good core website the results will not be as impressive.

Part of the reason we do the work that we do is the thrill that we get when we get the results on the web that our clients love. Recently we have had from 400 to 1000% year over year increases in qualified web visits on the sites that we have built.

We ARE what we say we are, and we DO what we promise to do.


Scroll to link at the bottom to see some tracking of our Proven Results.




Here is an example of just one of our clients results.

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