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Chiropractors can choose from many styles of ChiroMatrix websites, but 90% of most sites contain the EXACT SAME CONTENT. That is NOT good for your Search Engine Results.

Don’t get us wrong, ChiroMatrix offers a tremendous value by giving your patients and potential new customers a wealth of great information. To build a fully custom site that would rival a ChiroMatrix site would cost around 20,000 dollars if you had it built from scratch. But now you can take the next step with your site and start generating many more leads by being higher on the Search Engine Results. We are not affiliated with ChiroMatrix but love the ability they offer to customize their standard site in a way that makes it work 1000% better for chiropractors.

ChiroMatrix Chiropractor’s Websites

ChiroMatrix is one of the best content management systems for a chiropractic office to use for their website. We love the web platform because it is versatile enough to allow for some real “Super Charging“! What we mean by that is adding all the necessary ingredients to drive your ChiroMatrix site to the top of the Search Engines (Google). This drives many more visits and that in turn creates more clients for your practice.

chiromatrix chiropractor website optimizationWe started working with Tamara Fox of Fox Chiropractic in Orlando and within a few months she was seeing great results as illustrated by the screenshot above. Her website was the “typical” CM site and did not perform well in rankings at all. They were not even in the top 50 results for any of the keywords that would drive visits to her office. Now as you can see she is already claiming top billing along with an “Authorship” photo which everyone gravitates towards.


Unfortunately since this work was completed the Dr. had personal concerns that prompted her to close this practice. We still leave this page up as an illustration of what can be accomplished within the CM framework. There are many, many things that go into a successful web presence today and we can work in ANY industry to apply the formula that is required to deliver results. For a good overview on web marketing please view the video at the top of our resources page – https://www.brandtastic1.com/go – then give us a call at (407) 414-5270.

ChiroMatrix sites have the best information available for chiropractic on their pages, the problem is that 1000’s of other sites have the same exact content.

chiropractors websites chiromatrix

We created 20 new pages of original content to help the site rank better. Google only gives credit for unique pages and that is the one drawback of using the “Community Pages, New Patient Center, Member Wellness & Featured Articles” sections only for your site. ChiroMatrix actually protects their customers against Duplicate Content Penalties by adding a “nofollow” robot.txt file that stops Google from indexing those pages. Since thousands of other Chiropractors across the country use the same exact wording it does nothing for your ranking power to have all that great information. That is why we add our own content (under Wellness Topics) that is indexed by Google.

Along with onsite improvements we also manage all the Local Citations that need to be in order to rank well. The new Google Plus Local Page for Fox Chiropractic shows the result of some of this Local Optimization work.

We will take your ChiroMatrix website to the next level!

Call Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic LLC anytime to discuss how.




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