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cfm-phoneBob & Fran, we spoke at the UBG Event in Minneapolis. I am very confident that we could make a big difference for you in terms of generating more leads from the web.

One of the biggest issues with your current site is that it is not mobile friendly. Mobile visits can account for nearly half of your visits and it is unlikely that these visitors will spend long on a site that is difficult to see and use. You can test your site on Google’s Mobile Friendly Test Page here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

We used our rank tracking software to give you an idea how you are doing with your rankings in your local area. We picked some local towns to get an idea of how you are doing. In some areas you are doing fine, other areas not good at all. For some of the search terms you are not even ranking well in Cookesville. The other big issue is that the site looks very out of date and may not attract as many people to visit your store as a more appealing website design would.

As you know, we specialize in building sites that capture new business and rank very high on the Search Engines. Web marketing today involves much more than the site as you know, and we do it all. Maybe we can talk about working together?

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