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You Asked For It! Here You Go.

There are many reasons your site is not as good as it needs to be.
• Google only indexes 1 page
• You only have 4 pages (you need between 12 and 28)
• No real pictures of you or your guys working
• Local optimization on citation site is not done well
• You need MUCH more content to rank for more stuff
• There are many towns that you are not showing up at all in

Content is King Dog and You Ain’t Got Enuff.

You challenged me to show you what I can do, so that got my attention. In my business I don’t give up easy. Not for myself or for my clients. Now, I wouldn’t spend 7 hours today making a pitch for you to review unless you were a darn good prospect. Do me the honor of spending about a half hour looking this page over. It is the longest page I ever created!

I looked over your market and your history and came to the conclusion that I want to work with you. Now let’s see if I can convince you of the same…

Let’s start with some easy stuff I noticed. Your BIG button don’t work. You click it and nothing happens. Also, you have NO PageRank – that is a measurement that indicates how important Google thinks you are. And you also have no REAL photos of you working doing chimney stuff. That is VERY important. People want to buy from people they know are the real deal. That is why I take all my own photography usually.

Now compare that to one of my sweep sites – Pagerank is important

Now, about that content, you are almost invisible to Google…

Google Doesn’t See Enough About You

This shows your site, you only have 4 pages which is not nearly enough to rank for all the good stuff you do. In fact Google only indexes one of your pages. Scroll down as you read my pitch and you will see that my client in CT has over 80 pages indexed on Google and he RULES search in his area.



Many sweeps are caught in the problem of wanting to grow their company but always being too busy to spend time on marketing. They may waste money with slackers that say they are going to help but just take the money and do next to nothing.



I am NOT that guy. We CAN deliver results and we have the proof. Next problem is that most smaller companies just can’t afford what it takes to make a website that will rank high and convert visitors to customers the way ours do.


That is why I spread out my payments over 6 months. Plus it takes a great deal of time and effort to do what needs to be done – most sites take 4 to 6 months to finish anyways.



You Have The Same Site You Had In 2008, It Just Looks A Little Different.

Now content is King on the web. You need to have a page dedicated to each topic and it needs to be UNIQUE. All of your pages are just copies of something on another Market Hardware website. This does no good at all for rankings.

This is called Duplicate Content. (SEE BELOW)

Improperly built crowns are another common problem. If yours is cracked or poorly constructed – allowing water penetration or posing a fire hazard – we’ll build a proper concrete one that’s guaranteed not to crack.


I am not going to try to BS you by showing you results from a metro, I will show you results (you can see that towards the bottom of this page) from Highland, WI (pop. 839) He is in the same boat as you, his guys travel up to 2 hrs to do work and develop routes based around going out that far to start.

Year over Year since we started working with him, visits are up 645%
That is over 6 times as many visits as last year. I started with him Oct. 16, 2011.

All the towns around him are between 1 and 9 thousand people unless you go to Madison or Dubuque. He also has a Hearth Store, so that makes it even harder because he needs to convince people that his store is worth the drive.

His site has more than just sweep stuff, but that is a huge part of his business – Click to see his site – He ranks for many things that you want to rank for in all these little towns. This is a picture of his Google Analytics showing some visits from this month.

Ranking of YOUR SITE IS AT THE BOTTOM, So Keep On Reading…

I took out many of the searches that don’t relate to sweep stuff. As you can see he is getting a ton of visits and yes he is growing his company. Now most folks won’t spend the time or money to get this kind of result. This is why most people get sour on SEO and internet marketing because they waste small amounts of money on bogus contractors instead of investing what it takes to do it right with somebody that knows how to do it.

Here is a picture of Tracking Software I use to see how clients are doing on the different Search Engines. We are still working to make this better for him too. I also ran stats on some of your local towns as well. That is below this one.

Since Grand Junction is only and hour and a half away and has a population of 60K that would be a big target for you. Even people that live around GJ will search that because they figure that they will find a good sweep there. You don’t rank there at all. My guy in Wisconsin wants to rank for Madison WI because he is only 1.5 hrs from there too. Now you actually do fairly well in some towns, but not others.

I put together a short list of towns within your market to start with. Then I ran analytics on 4 Key search terms with those towns to see how you are doing right now. Even if the searcher doesn’t put the town in the search Google knows where they are based on their ip address and will deliver local results.

The main problem is that your site is not looking good enough to convince the most visitors that you are the best choice when they land on it and press the BIG button.

Well, you are probably tired of this pitch by now, so think it over and give me a call anytime. Even tonight. I usually work until 10pm EST and my cell is almost always on.

Frank Motola – Your Next (and last) Web Guy / 407-414-5270

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