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What is Branding and Why it Matters

While branding and marketing go hand-in-hand like a ball and glove, they are entirely different but closely related strategies. So, what is the difference? Simply put, branding is the outward image your business represents to the world. The logo, messaging, graphics, office design, employee attire, etc., give your brand the unique personality that separates it from competitors. One of the most iconic brands is Planters® Peanuts. You can instantly identify the brand by MR. Peanut®, the snappy yellow be-speckled mascot that adorns their distinctively cheerful packaging. On the other hand, marketing is the way you communicate your brand to your audience. It’s the advertising, social media, videos, website, and other marketing tools you use to grow your business.

Branding for businesses Auburndale, FLWhy Branding Matters

Branding is an essential marketing strategy that helps customers to identify your business, understand its values, the quality of your products and services, and the promise to meet their expectations. For example, if you are a candy maker, the wrapper is part of your branding. Without the wrapper, It’s just a plain candy bar virtually indistinguishable from similar candy bars. So, when customers see your product on the shelf, they will instantly recognize your brand based on the packaging alone. They also know what to expect when they open the wrapper and consume the product.

Benefits of Branding

Identity: Branding gives your business a unique identity that separates it from competitors in a crowded marketplace. Your logo, colors, graphics, company vehicles, employee attire, and messaging will attract and retain consumers that relate to your brand, growing revenue.


Establishing trust with consumers you connect with is another valuable benefit of branding. Customers who know the products and services you deliver consistently will become loyal to your brand, giving you a distinct edge over your competition.


Whether your business adopts a “green” or environmentally friendly position, donates a portion of profits to local charities, or has other beliefs, branding is the perfect vehicle for sharing your company’s values with prospects and customers in your community or service area.


A significant benefit of branding is that it belongs exclusively to your company. Just like the “Golden Arches” are exclusive to the McDonald’s brand, your branding can give your business a premier position in the marketplace.


Branding is also key to building your company’s reputation. While a positive reputation will help grow your business, a negative reputation can have the opposite effect and hurt your business. So, as a business owner, you have a responsibility to protect your branding and ensure your company consistently delivers on its brand promise and meeting or exceeding customer expectations every day.

Marketing and Branding Assistance West Hartford, CT


Co-branding is an association between two businesses or organizations that share marketing efforts. It is an excellent way for small businesses to grow brand awareness and revenue in their market. For example, let’s say you are a new independent appliance dealer in town, so residents are not yet familiar with your brand.

So, you partner with Whirlpool, Maytag, or another appliance manufacturer you sell in your store. Now customers will associate your brand with the more prominent appliance manufacturer, instantly establishing name recognition, trust, credibility, and a positive reputation in your local market with less effort and marketing spend.

Branding Your Business

Your Web Marketing & SEO partner is vital to your business, like any other professional, to achieve profitable results from your marketing budget.

Your website can be one of your best salespersons, dramatically increasing business leads, store traffic, and revenue when you implement the right digital, content marketing, and branding strategies to optimize SEO and conversions for your business in 2022.

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