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Websites That Work! Does Your Site Deliver?

Deliver WHAT? you say – LEADS of course, lots of them!


This video is 3 minutes of snippets from a web marketing presentation that we provided for SCORE at the Disney Entrepreneur Center in downtown Orlando recently.

By combining SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that will deliver visitors to your site, with a well designed website that will capture the visitors attention and convert them into a customer – your company should be enjoying tremendous lead generation from your web presence.

If you are not getting direct leads, that means e-mails and phone calls directly linked to a web visit, you are missing the boat.

A good online reputation for your company goes deeper than just your site too. Remember, anyone that is considering hiring you or buying from your company will search your brand and or personal name to see what they find. Make sure what they find convinces them that your company is the best choice. This is why Social Media is so important today, let’s face it – it is more than just what WE say about our company on our website, we need to be concerned with what other people are saying about doing business with us. That is what is really making the difference when it comes to buying decisions today.

We provide web design in Hartford, Orlando and Winter Haven that incorporates all these components to build your brand online. On Our Fall Road Trip to Hartford we will be working on 3 new sites and would love to meet with you personally if you are from up that way. If you have a project to discuss, call me now and we will set time aside to meet in person. I used to live through all that cold rain and slush, but now I have smartened up and just visit at the best times.

How do you know if your site is working as hard as it should be. Start with installing Google Analytics and find out.

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