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All About User Generated Content (UGC)

So, you want to build a brand with trust, loyalty, and credibility and are wondering which type of content to incorporate into your marketing strategy. Content comes in many forms, such as blogging, videos, social media posts, online reviews, images, etc. These are all important content that every business needs, but the one that many owners and marketers pay the least attention to is often the one that gets the highest results. It’s called user-generated content or UGC; we will explain why it’s important for your brand.

User Generated Content Creation and SEO in Tampa Bay FL

What Is User Generated Content?

In a nutshell, user-generated content is any unpaid content created by a consumer or third-party contributor specific to your brand. The “key” word here is unpaid. We thought you might like that. Now let’s see why UGC is important to building your brand and how to generate a stream of unpaid brand-specific content to help grow your business.

Types of UGC:

• Social media videos
• Online reviews
• Surveys
• Images
• gamification
• News articles

Why Is User Generated Content Important

User-generated content is important because it helps your brand stand out in a crowd of competitors without creating the content in-house.

Here are a few more reasons why UGC is influential.

Gives Your Brand a Personality

People like to interact. It’s human nature. So when consumers, employees, vendors, or others interact with your brand, it can take on a unique personality, making it more authentic and appealing in the marketplace. That’s something that a traditional marketing campaign can’t duplicate.

Increases Conversion Rates & Sales

Here’s a little trade secret. Having a steady stream of UGC has been shown to increase conversion rates, sales, and revenues.

Reduces Marketing Costs

Setting up a product photo shoot or professional video for a marketing campaign can be expensive. But when you have loyal consumers who enjoy posting and sharing pictures, videos, and other content of them using your product, it reduces marketing costs.

Getting User-Generated Content for Your Brand

Since you’re probably anxious to get started getting UGC content for your brand, here are a few things you can do to get started right now.

Ask Your Customers for Reviews

Asking your customers for reviews is the simplest, fastest, and most rewarding way to build a steady flow of UGC content for your brand. After subscribing or purchasing, you can also email them or ask them to share their experience in a testimonial or review on the thank-you page. Then post that content on your website and share it across your social media channels.

Make Sharing Easy

Another easy but often overlooked way to get consumer-generated content is to make your content shareable. For example, include social media buttons on your website’s product pages, so consumers can tell their friends and fans how much they enjoy your product.

Offer a Discount or Reward

You can also offer a discount or reward in exchange for a testimonial, photo, or video of the customer enjoying your product or service.

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