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Use These Techniques to Build a Perfect Google + Post

Google + PostsWe regularly stress the importance of using Google features and applications, but it’s for good reason. Google is considered the King of search engines so it only makes sense that they put major importance on Google + profiles & posts, Google Authorship, and listings on Google Places for Business. Since Google ranks websites based on importance and popularity, being active on these platforms will help increase page rank and position in search engine results.

Just as with any other social media site, creating posts that people actually read is way more important than creating posts just to look active. Here are some great techniques that will help you build the perfect Google + post that will help you gain paying customers!

1. Pick Positive Pleasing Post Topics

If you want to gain a following and increase reader interaction, create posts with interesting or trending topics. Simply posting a link to a blog or website is probably not enough to entice them to click on the through. Instead, pose a question or topic that will grab their attention and get them talking (or reading). Sticking with trending topics or ideas that will interest your current target market is the best way to be successful with your Google + posts.

2. Utilize Incredible or Interesting Images

With recent changes in Google +, the image now rules the post. Choosing large, eye-catching images or fun and easy-to-follow infographics is a great way to grab readers’ attention. Once they have become intrigued, they will be more open to receiving the information you want to deliver. Over a course of trial and error, we’ve come to the conclusion that an image can actually make or break the success of your post.

A good thing to note is that you should always ask permission and give credit when you are using photos or images that are not your own. A great place to search for copyright-free images is through CreativeCommons.org. Tumbler, Flickr, and Instagram also are website you can use to search for post images.

3. Create Clever Copy

Each post should contain content that is informative, interesting, or funny. Stay away from redundant or duplicated copy and make sure you can deliver something that no one has seen before. When it comes to creating post content, write about something that people will want talk about and share. In the end, you want to gain credibility and trust, and that comes from being honest and giving out helpful information for free. Remember you should be writing about something that pertains to the customer base you are trying to reach. If your company sells car accessories, create posts about new car releases, car color trends by state/city, or what your car says about you. These topics are fun to read but still pertain to your customer base.

While there are no actual formatting options directly on the Google + interface, there are a few shortcuts you can use to get the desired look.

Bold: Use asterisks ( * ) around the words to bold them.

Italics: Use underscores ( _ ) around the words you want to italicize.

Strikeout: Use hyphens ( – )around words you want to strikeout.

Bullets : In order to create a bulleted list, type space , hyphen, space and a bullet will appear once you post.

Don’t forget that you can actually edit your posts even after you have hit the “Share” button just in case you catch a mistake.

4. Share Specifically

Google Plus SharingOnce you know you have a spectacular post ready to go, it’s time to share. One of the most distinct and probably important features of Google + is the ability to group individuals in “Circles”. You could have a circle for each area or town that you serve or do business in, or you may have people circled based on preferences or how you know them. Knowing your audience is critical to conversion and interaction. By default, “Public” and “Your Circles” will be selected in the “To” box, but the beauty of Google lets you segment what posts you share with certain audiences, so use this to your advantage.

5. Handle the Hashtags

Another recent update with Google creates automated Hashtags based on the content that you post. While you shouldn’t go Hashtag crazy, it’s a good idea to add a few important keywords or topics that you’d like to show up for that relate to your current post. Google Hastags work just like Twitter Hashtags so people looking for a trending topic can come across your information if you have recently shared a relevant post.

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