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The Importance Of Customer Visits

Before the pandemic, face-to-face customer visits were common practice. However, all that changed when much of the country shut down. Suddenly, customer visits were no longer a top priority. However, now that businesses have adapted to selling in a post-pandemic world, customer visits must be a top priority.

Virtual Marketing and In Person Visits, Tampa FLOnline Meetings Vs. In-Person Visits

Nothing can take the place of an in-person visit. It gives both parties a chance to get better acquainted. After all, building trust and credibility often take time. From a sales perspective, it allows you to understand your customer’s needs, timeframe, and interests. From a customer perspective, they get to meet with the person they may entrust to manage their account. I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to cultivate many customer relationships into long-term friendships.

However, your customer may feel uncomfortable meeting in person in a post-pandemic world. And that’s ok. You can accomplish much of the same thing through an online discussion. Many providers like Microsoft and Zoom allow you to meet professionally and securely.

How Often Should You Visit Your Customers?

There is no magic number, but every salesperson or customer service representative should “touch base” with their most valuable clients at least quarterly. You should touch your VIP clients monthly as they are more vulnerable to competition poaching. Regardless, it is crucial to visit every customer, either in-person or online, at least twice a year. If you don’t see your customers, your competitors certainly will. And the next time you call to schedule an appointment, you may find out you lost the account to a competitor.

Benefits of Customer Visits

 Your customer feels that you care about them.
 You build rapport and trust for a long-lasting professional relationship.
 It helps keep the competition away.
 It allows you to solve customer service issues before they snowball out of control.
 Uncover needs for upgrades or new solutions.
 Your client is more likely to refer their business associates to you.

Preparing For Your Next Client Meeting

Whether you are meeting a client in person or online, preparing is vital. First, review their account in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. Are there any outstanding issues? Have they been calling customer service more frequently? Write down questions you want to ask and take copious notes of your meeting. Finally, remember to schedule your next visit BEFORE you leave.

Client Meeting and Presentation Prep in Marketing, Orlando FLGetting Help Building Profitable Customer Relationships

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