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Relevant Website Images to Boost Your Marketing

Most of your customers and potential customers will find you online instead of newspaper ads or the Yellow Pages (remember those?). Having relevant images on your website and marketing materials is essential, and here’s why.

The importance of images on your website in Lakeland FLWhy Use Images At All?

People are visual creatures, and most don’t like to read, especially on the web, as attention spans grow shorter. Using images throughout your website and within your copy breaks it up and makes it more visually appealing, skimmable, and likely to get read.

What Are Relevant Images?

Relevant images describe or relate to the text on the page or the post on your blog. For example, if you’re a plumbing company advertising drain cleaning services, it’s good to use photos showing your team working or a before and after shot of a drain cleaning job.

Images don’t have to be photos; you can use graphics, charts, or diagrams that complement the text. For example, if you’re writing about the importance of keywords in SEO, including a graph showing how much they boost traffic provides the information more quickly to the reader than them reading through a paragraph or two of text.

How Relevant Images Improve Your Marketing

As we mentioned, relevant images are another way to give your reader and potential customer information about your products and services, but they have many other benefits too.

Enhance Brand Awareness

Regardless of what business you’re in, you likely have competitors. It’s better for you if your company sticks out in people’s minds and is the first one they think of when they need what you’re offering. Consistently using relevant images that provide helpful information lets the reader know that your company is an expert, strengthening your brand.

Build Emotional Connections

Relevant images can build emotional connections between you and your potential customers. For example, let’s say your company sells organic produce. Including images of the local farm or greenhouse where the produce is grown, and the family owners who work the farm evoke emotions of nature, health, and wholesomeness to the reader and potential buyer. As people spend more time online, building emotional connections and trust is vital to set yourself apart from companies seen as just out to make a quick buck.

Separating From Your Competitors

Another reason to use relevant images is to distance yourself from your competition. Using unique images and videos of your staff, the owner, and the team, gives your company a face and builds trust compared to the competition that might rely on stock images. Like emotional connections, people are desperate to work and do business with people they trust and see as genuine. The best way to do that is by populating your site with relevant images.

Consistent Branding

Lastly, relevant images help build your brand and maintain consistency across all your marketing channels, including social media, email marketing, and your website. Maintaining brand consistency also helps establish and build trust and improves your marketing effectiveness with clear messaging that resonates.

Improving SEO with images in Tampa FLOptimize For Search Engines

Images aren’t just for providing visual information; they can help your site’s SEO. You can optimize each image with an alt-image text or tag, which aids visitors who are visually impaired, by describing what the image is displaying. Google reads this information, which can help people find your website. For example, if you’re a dentist, people may find you via an image of a before and after teeth cleaning based on the tag.

If you’re still confused about what constitutes relevant images, how to apply them on your website, or want a free consultation with an expert marketing agency with a proven track record, contact us at 813-441-0275 or online.

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