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Mobile Sites

It’s the Year of Your New RESPONSIVE Website!

All new sites that we build are RESPONSIVE sites, that means that they automatically resize to look great on any device. This IS the way to go, and we can even update your older non-responsive site to become responsive many times.

How important is a mobile-optimized site for your business? Very! In today’s day and age it’s pretty much imperative. Mobile search queries have grown 5 times in just the past two years. In 2014 alone, there are expected to be over 63 BILLION mobile searches, many with local intent.  Over 55% of consumers using mobile for research want to buy within the hour, and 83% want to buy within the day. If that doesn’t convince you of the importance of mobile optimized sites, you are already missing out on some spectacular opportunities.

Check out some of our client mobile-optimized sites on your smartphone, tablet, or mobile device to see how to see how they look & act in real time:

email this link to your phone – https://www.brandtastic1.com/blog/mobile-sites/


W Cotton Mather, CPA(Responsive Design)



United Fireplace & Stove   (Responsive Design)



Yankee Doodle   (Responsive Design)



Franklin Painting   (Responsive Design)



Clovis Stone Masonry & Landscape Design   (Responsive Design)



Nayaug Chimney   (Responsive Design)



Burlington Fireplace & Heating   (Responsive Design)



Northeastern Chimney   (Responsive Design)



Brandtastic   (Dedicated Mobile Site)



Dedicated Mobile Sites (not Responsive Design)

Industrial Access   (Dedicated Mobile Site)



Ashleigh’s Hearth & Home   (Dedicated Mobile Site)


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