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Marketing Ideas for the Christmas Season

‘Tis the season for holiday marketing, the most festive time of year. It’s also a make-it-or break-it moment for retailers who depend on Christmas shoppers to boost their revenue. So, to help ensure the Grinch doesn’t steal your Christmas, here is a stocking full of marketing ideas to help grow your business.

Christmas Holiday Marketing Strategy in Tampa FLCreate A Christmas Holiday Landing Page

According to the National Retail Federation, consumers spent $186 billion shopping online during the 2020 holiday season. In addition, over 50 percent of consumers shopped for holiday gifts online, compared to 23% for in-store purchases. This illustrates the importance of creating a dedicated landing page to capture your share of holiday shoppers. Remember, Christmas shopping starts on Thanksgiving Day, so there is no time to waste. So give Brandtastic a call at (813) 441-0275, and we will help get your Christmas marketing campaign on a roll.

Use Discount Codes to Track Campaign Results

Who doesn’t love a holiday discount? Discount codes are the best way to determine which holiday marketing campaigns perform best for your online store or landing page. You can also use different codes for different marketing channels to track campaign results across multiple campaigns, products, and brands.

Send Christmas Cards to Shoppers on Your Mailing List

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to dust off that customer mailing list you probably haven’t used lately, spread some holiday cheer, give them a unique discount code, and invite them to shop at your online store. If you don’t have a customer mailing list, you can purchase opt-in email lists to build relationships with new Christmas shoppers.

Offer Personalized Gift Ideas

Your website, landing page, and even your holiday email cards should offer personalized gift suggestions based on current shopping or previous buying experience. For example, several related products are automatically displayed in a row or carousel when a shopper clicks on a product or adds it to their cart. Offering related product suggestions increases online engagement, reduces abandonment rates, and increases sales.

Christmas Season Marketing Campaigns in McKees Rocks, PAGive Holiday Shoppers an Incentive to Buy Now

According to several market research studies, approximately 70% of shoppers leave online stores before completing the transaction.

Therefore, giving holiday shoppers a bonus like a gift card or other incentive to buy now is an effective strategy that many online retailers use to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates and increase sales.

More Christmas Marketing Ideas for 2022

Your Christmas Web Marketing & SEO partner is vital to your business, like any other professional, to achieve profitable results from your marketing budget. Your website or holiday landing page can be your best salesperson, dramatically increasing business leads, store traffic, and revenue practically overnight.

At Brandtastic, we have the skills to implement the right digital, content marketing, and website branding strategies to optimize search engine marketing for your business in 2022 and beyond.

Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic, has been getting positive results for our clients since 1998.

So, give Frank a call today at (813) 441-0275, and let’s get to work creating your Christmas Marketing Campaign for the 2022 holiday season that will attract more customers to your business.

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