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Making SEO Work for Your Company in 2022

With more than 5 billion search queries every day, it is increasingly difficult for businesses to consistently land on the coveted first page of search results without an effective SEO strategy. According to recent surveys, more than 60% of consumers begin their search for products and services online. In addition, over half of purchases are performed on a mobile device. Here are five essential strategies for making SEO work for your company in 2022.

SEO Company in Tampa FL1. Build Your Own Data Hub

Google’s third-party cookies will be obsolete in 2023, making remarketing to visitors from Google search results a thing of the past to improve online privacy. With Google’s decision to sunset third-party cookies, website owners will need to invest more heavily in first-party hubs, like blogs, newsletters, white papers, etc., to drive qualified SEO traffic to their business online. The good news for website owners is that when a visitor signs up for a newsletter or downloads an app or white paper, you can use this first-party data you collect to nurture and build relationships that will ultimately convert website visitors into customers.

2. Fresh Content is Still King

Fresh, high-quality website content has long been the holy grail of SEO and will continue to reign supreme in 2022. However, search engines like Google are changing algorithms to better understand search intent when displaying viewers’ most relevant search results. For your website content to be more effective in 2022, it should contain the different phrases a visitor may use to find your product or service rather than focusing on specific keywords.

5. Optimize for Voice Searches

One of the reasons that phrase searches are becoming increasingly relevant in search results is the growing popularity of virtual assistants that use AI technology in voice search applications like Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google Assistant, for example. Instead of typing a keyword into a search engine, your next customer may find your business by asking, “Alexa, where is the nearest grocery store?”

3. Page Load Time Is More Important than Ever

Search engines like Google and others want to deliver the most relevant content to users based on search queries. Since waiting for web pages to load results in a negative user experience and higher bounce rates, improving page load time is one of the most important things website owners can do to improve SEO results in 2022. You can check your site’s page load time here.

4. Mobile Friendly Websites Are a Necessity

The way consumers search for products and services has changed considerably over the past ten years. Today, more than two-thirds of all search engine queries are conducted on a mobile device, according to recently published data by Statista. With more and more consumers searching and buying online, mobile-friendly websites are necessary to make SEO work for your company. You can run a mobile-friendly test of your website here.

web design in tampa flHire an SEO Company You Can Trust

Without an effective SEO strategy, companies will find growing organic website traffic and increasing online revenue more difficult. Unfortunately, however, there are a lot of companies claiming to be so-called “SEO Experts.” So, it’s vital to perform your due diligence to hire an SEO company with a proven track record of success. Otherwise, you may waste money on services that yield little to no results.

Four things you should do when hiring an SEO company:

  • Conduct an interview with the SEO Company to understand their methods and methodologies
  • Review white papers
  • Check references to learn about their experience
  • Ask them to perform a technical SEO website audit

Get Positive Results with a Trusted SEO Company

When you need help with SEO, your Web Marketing & SEO partner should be as crucial to your business as your accountant, attorney, or your top salesperson. Your website can significantly increase your business leads if you implement the right strategies for making SEO work for your company in 2022. Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic, has been getting positive results for our clients since 1998. So call Frank at (813) 441-0275, and let’s make SEO work for your company today!

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