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Why Content Is the Most Important Thing on Your Website

When building a website, most business owners focus on its design and appearance. However, while a clean and professional website design is important, content is the most important thing on your website.

Website Content Lakeland, FLSo, why is content so important? Content is like the fuel in your car. The more content you have on your website, the more traffic; if it is appropriately optimized, you will have for more leads and revenue. However, just like poor quality fuel will slowly kill your car’s engine. Poorly written content will do the same thing to your website too. That’s why it is essential to invest in a professional copywriter that will write the type of content that will lead to more sales and profits for your business.

Six Types of Content Every Website Should Have

Now that you know why content is most important, we’ll explain the six different types of content every website should have:

Headline: In a few short words, your headline should entice the reader that it will be worth their time to continue reading the content on the page. Be sure to use your page’s target keyword in the headline. Poorly written headlines will cause visitors to bounce off your website, lowering your page’s search engine ranking.

Subheadings: Grouping individual topics into logical subheadings (with appropriate keywords) makes the web page easy for readers to quickly glance over to the information they need to make a buying decision. A long page of content without subheadings can be overwhelming to visitors, causing them to leave your website without even reading a word on the page.

Internal/External Links: Your page’s content should include internal and external links. Internal links allow you to direct visitors to other sections of your website, such as individual product pages, case studies, pricing, order forms, etc. External links increase the credibility of your content by pointing to external links on authoritative third-party websites that support your content’s information.

Graphic Images: Graphic images are another essential content element every website should have. Images make your content more engaging, improve readability, and influence the visitor’s buying decision.

Videos: Many experts will tell you that every website should have at least one video. For example, a video on each of your sales pages is essential. Studies have shown that visitors will are more likely to retain video content versus any other medium on your web page. It also lets you demonstrate your product, increase credibility, and establish a more personal connection with your website visitors. As a result, web pages with professional videos have an up to 80 percent increase in conversions and up to 60 percent increase in sales.

Calls to Action: Lastly, but certainly not least, is the call to action. A call to action is like a salesperson asking for an order. It’s where you tell visitors what you would like them to do, i.e., visit your store, speak with a consultant, or place an online order. For instance, “call 800-555-1212 or click here to start your trial music subscription today” is one example.

Content Marketing for Your Business

Your Web Marketing & SEO partner is vital to your business, like any other professional, to achieve profitable results from your marketing budget.

Your website content can be one of your best salespersons. It can dramatically increase business leads, store traffic, and revenue by implementing the best digital, content marketing, and branding strategies to optimize SEO to get your website noticed and increase business in 2022.

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