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How To Improve Your SEO Rankings In 2022

According to recent retail industry statistics, an overwhelming majority of consumers (87%) start their product search online. In addition, nearly 3 out of 4 consumers say they use their mobile devices while shopping in stores. So, if your business wants to increase its competitive advantage, website visits, store traffic, and sales, it needs to ensure its SEO strategies are on target. Here are five simple ways to improve your website’s SEO rankings in 2022:

SEO for mobile devices in Tampa FL1. Optimize Website for Mobile Devices

One best way to improve search engine ranking in 2022 is to optimize your website for mobile devices. Why? Because sites that are mobile-friendly rank higher in search results says Google. Clearly, Google understands that most searches are performed on mobile devices. So, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are missing out on a lot of traffic and leads from prospective customers.

2. Improve Page Load Time

Since page load speed is an important ranking signal, improving page load speed is another easy way to achieve higher rankings. SEO experts suggest your web pages should load in 200 milliseconds or less. There are several methods for reducing the page load, such as enabling server caching to minimize page reloads, limiting the use of render-blocking JavaScript, minifying CSS, and using a file compression engine like GZIP to reduce file sizes. Also, large image files are one of the most common reasons for increasing page load time. So, by reducing image file sizes alone, you can often improve web page performance by 30 percent or more.

3. Focus on Search Phrases

In the past, web admins focused mainly on a combination of long-tail and short-tail keywords. However, Google has been focusing more on search intent since it unveiled its Multitask Unified Model (MUM) in 2021. The MUM update incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) into its algorithm to better understand search intent. As a result, website owners will need to improve content for SEO, focusing more on optimizing their site for search phrases – the way someone may ask a question. For example, if you are a bicycle repair shop, you may want to produce content that answers a typical search query such as “What are the most common bike repairs.” If your content is high quality and helpful, Google may highlight your content as a snippet, a highly coveted spot in search results.

4. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Search engines are a lot smarter than in the past. If you overuse or stuff keywords in your content, search engines may think you are trying to game the system and ignore the content or even your entire site in search results. Instead, focus on creating content that naturally includes the keywords or phrases that make the most sense for the content. Remember, it’s not the number of keywords but the quality of your content that is essential for improving SEO rankings in 2022.

website marketing and more in Orlando FL5. Create a Google My Business Profile

Creating a Google My Business profile is another important way to improve SEO rankings and get your business on the top of the first page in search results. Once your business is registered and verified, it may be featured on Google Maps in local search results. You can also promote your GMB profile and encourage customers to write a review which helps improve SEO rankings and increase website visits and sales.

Improve SEO for Your Website

Your Web Marketing & SEO partner is vital to your business when you want to improve SEO and achieve profitable results from your ad marketing budget. Your website can dramatically increase business leads, store traffic, and revenue when you implement the right digital and content marketing strategies for making SEO work for your company in 2022. Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic, has been getting positive results for our clients since 1998. So, give Frank a call at (813) 441-0275, and let’s start improving search engine results for your company today!

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