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Google Ads Suspension: Why and What To Do Now

For countless businesses, Google Ads is an indispensable steady stream of leads and sales. Yet, this powerful tool comes with a caveat: every advertiser must adhere to a strict set of rules, outlined in the Google Ads Program standard terms and conditions, to maintain their account in good standing. Navigating these intricate policies can be daunting, and any misstep could trigger the dreaded suspension notice, locking your account, which could result in a significant loss of sales for your business.

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When this happens, a sense of panic inevitably sets in. Google, after all, represents a significant portion of your business’s lead generation, and its absence threatens to disrupt your entire operation. Now that your once-thriving source of leads has abruptly vanished, you are scrambling to uncover why your Google ads are suspended and what to do now.

Common Causes of Google Ads Suspensions

Several violations can trigger a Google Ads account suspension. Some of the most common include:

Your ad is misleading or makes a false claim

Ads should accurately represent the products or services offered. Exaggerated or false claims can mislead users and lead to account suspension.

Promoting prohibited content

Google prohibits advertising products or services that are illegal, harmful, or promote dangerous activities. This includes items such as tobacco products, weapons, and illicit drugs.

Violating copyright or trademark laws

Ads must not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others. This includes using copyrighted images or trademarks without proper authorization.

Unauthorized access to accounts

Google takes security seriously and will suspend accounts if there is evidence of unauthorized access. It can include suspicious login attempts or changes to account settings without the owner’s knowledge.

What To Do If Your Google Ads Are Suspended

If Google suspends your ads, don’t panic. By following the steps below, you should be able to get your ads running again:

Review Google’s notification

Carefully read the suspension notification to understand the reason for the suspension. Google will always explain why they suspended the ads and what you can do to reinstate your campaign.

Address the policy violations

Take the necessary steps to correct any violations identified by Google.

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Submit an appeal

Once you have addressed the policy violations, submit an appeal to Google explaining the steps you have taken to rectify the situation.

Hire a Google Ads Expert 

Hiring a certified Google Ads expert is a wise investment that offers many significant benefits. First, experts have in-depth knowledge of Google Ads policies, strategies, and best practices, enabling us to optimize campaigns for maximum impact. Second, we help businesses identify and target their ideal audience, write compelling ad copy, and set realistic budgets. Finally, our certified Google Ads experts stay abreast of the latest Google Ads updates and trends, ensuring that campaigns remain effective and compliant. 

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