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Why Prioritization Is Critical To SEO Success

The days when you could quickly launch a website online and get flooded with visitors almost instantly are long gone. With over 99,000 searches per second just on Google alone and only 10 top spots on the first page, much time can be spent on improving your keyword rankings. In addition, paid and free SEO tools like Ahrefs, Moz, and SEMrush can perform a site audit to identify the most critical website errors you must fix to improve SEO.

However, seeing hundreds of errors, warnings, and notices can be overwhelming after its bot crawls your site. Since not all errors or warnings require immediate intervention, knowing which tasks to prioritize is critical to your SEO success. Otherwise, you will waste valuable time and effort without results.

Keyword Search Audits to improve SEO in Lakeland FLDo Keyword Research Audits

It’s been over thirty years since Archie and The Wanderer began crawling websites for the first time. Even today, keywords still play an essential role in search engine page results (SERPS). Since search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so are the keywords and phrases visitors use to find your content. So, continuing to find and refine your most valuable keyword targets through keyword research is critical for SEO success. Some of the top keyword research tools include Google Adwords Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, and SEMrush Keyword Magic Tool.

Optimize Website Content

After keywords, optimizing content should be next on your list to achieve successful SEO results. While stuffing many keywords on your web page may be tempting, don’t. It will only confuse the crawlers, and they will fail to index your content. Instead, assign each page a unique keyword or phrase. Then use alternate related keywords to build out subpages around the topic.

For example, let’s say you have an online shoe store, and one of your product lines is ‘women’s shoes.’ So, you optimize one of your main pages for that primary keyword and optimize subpages, articles, and blog posts for related short and long tail keywords such as “How to buy women’s shoes online,” “The Most Popular Women’s Shoes for Sale in {your city},” etc. Remember to optimize your meta tags like the Title Tag (H1), Subheadings (H2-4), URL with keyword, Image alt text, and meta description tag.

Fix Major Errors

You will also want to prioritize fixing major errors – those identified in RED by most SEO tools. Some of the significant errors to concentrate on first are:

4xx and 5xx Errors
Broken Internal Links
Redirect Issues
Duplicate Title Tags
Slow Page Speed

Improving SEO in Tampa FLHow to Prioritize Your SEO for Success in 2023

Like any other professional, your Email, Web Marketing & SEO partner is vital to your business to achieve profitable results from your marketing budget. Your website or landing page can be your best salesperson, dramatically increasing business leads, store traffic, and revenue practically overnight. At Brandtastic, we have the skills to fix critical SEO issues that will increase traffic and revenue for your business in 2023 and beyond.

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