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Choosing A Digital Marketing Agent

With a more than 80% market share, Google is still the top dog in search. However, when searching for a digital marketing agency, there are more than one million hits! Having so many choices can make finding the right digital agency for your business challenging. So, how do you find that diamond in the mine? Ensure your new digital marketing agent has these seven traits:

Talented Marketing Development Team, Tampa FLTalented Trustworthy Team

A successful digital marketing campaign has several moving parts, including website design and development, copywriting, SEO, videos, social media, and other strategies. When choosing a digital marketing agent, ensure they have a talented, trustworthy team you can rely on to help grow your business.

Excellent Communication Skills

When interviewing digital marketing agencies, please pay close attention to the emails they write and other communications like online meetings and phone calls. If an agency doesn’t communicate effectively with you at the beginning of the conversation, they will also miss the mark with your audience. So, having excellent communication skills is a must.

Understands Your Industry

Having a digital marketing agency that has experience in your industry is another feather in the cap. An agency with industry expertise has the resources and creative assets necessary to get your marketing campaigns running sooner, more effectively, and with a potentially higher return on investment.

Measuring ROI

Whether it’s email, social media, videos, website leads, or other strategies, the bottom-line results matter most.

A digital agency may have a slick website with fancy logos and a long list of tools in the box. Hiring an agency that knows which tools will work best for your company and can quantify its performance with a positive ROI is the type of digital marketing agent you want to choose.

Strong Digital Footprint

When choosing a digital marketing agent, you will also want to ensure they have a solid digital footprint. So check out their marketing channels, like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. It will give you a glimpse into their creativity and the type of work you can expect to receive.

Real Client Testimonials and Portfolio

Don’t rely solely on a website page or social media profile to make your decision. Do they have real client testimonials and a portfolio of example client marketing materials? If they do, read them. If they don’t, ask for it before choosing a digital agency.

No Hidden Fees

The digital marketing agency you hire should be transparent about the pricing for their services. Service agreements or contracts should be easy to read in lay terms that spell out the roles, responsibilities, and deliverables. Be sure to ask if any other “hidden” fees or costs exist outside the contract or agreement.

digital marketing Agent in Tampa FLChoosing a Digital Marketing Agent

Your Digital Marketing Agent & SEO partner is vital to your business, like any other professional, to achieve profitable results from your marketing budget. Your website or landing page can be your best salesperson when it generates measurable results. At Brandtastic, we have a creative, talented team of professionals with the skills to execute the right SEO, Content, and website branding strategies to improve your digital marketing results in 2022 and beyond.

Frank Motola, President of Brandtastic, has been achieving positive results for clients since 1998. So, give Frank a call today at (813) 441-0275, and let’s get to work improving your Digital Marketing Campaigns to attract more customers (and profits) for your business.

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