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Can you make a company video with a camcorder?

With the advent of YouTube, we have seen an increased popularity of the homegrown video style. You don’t always need the professional videographer to make your point and help your business. Many do-it-yourself videos have soared to the top with millions of views, many times because of the humorous and deliberately “un”produced look of a homemade video.

There is some basic video editing software that you will need like imovie or a windows equivalent. But with a little bit of planning and a few hours of editing, you can end up with a video worth sharing.

Sharing the video on multiple video sites and embedding it with your relative keywords can really boost your SEO position and many times the video itself can show up in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page) quicker than a conventional site will.

Our short video about “making blank labels” was done for Uprintlabels.com in Longwood, FL. We wanted to show the facility and machinery used to produce blank labels and let the visitors know they were dealing with a company that produced blank labels here in the USA. This video ranked well on its own and generated many highly qualified web visits for our client.


People just love video and they listen and learn much better by watching a video too. So, instead of reading volumes of textual information the visitor can click start and sit back and listen. For instance we posted this “how to” installation video on our “sliding door lock” client’s site and soon his orders were much higher. The psychology of our plan was to make sure the potential buyer could see how easy it was to install the lock, that way their mind was more at ease about purchasing it. Prior to posting the video, visitors were not converting into buyers because they were not sure that they would be able to install this aftermarket lock themselves. We shot this video with a Sony Handycam and edited it in just a few hours. The owner of the company and his son were our cast, and I was the cameraman and editor! The video is hosted directly on the site at Safeslider.com and posted on YouTube as well.


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