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The Most Important Principle in Your Branding Strategy

BrandingBranding will play a huge role in the success of your company. When you communicate your products or services to consumers, you leave a lasting impression on how they perceive your company and what you offer. Because of this, it’s extremely important to have a sound branding strategy in mind. In today’s day and age, a good branding strategy  should identify where the customer is feeling a pain (or what they are in need of) and then offering a solution (your product of service) to ease that pain.

One of the most successful principles in branding strategy is to connect emotionally with consumers. There are many individuals out there that will pay extra money on products of services that make them feel good. For instance, a man may choose to buy a Harley over any other type of motorcycle simply because they feel strongly about the brand. They feel like Harley’s are tough and sexy motorcycles. They feel like they belong to a large group of other HOG owners that will make them feel connected and accepted. When a product or service can touch on the emotional need of an individual, the company has a better chance of gaining a loyal customer.

Another way to look at this principle is to consider the results of the social media era. It has become more important than ever that people have content on their social media pages that represents or shows small triumphs to their friends or followers. If a company is able to communicate to these consumers that their product or service can make them more accomplished or heroic in the eyes of their peers, an emotional need will be fulfilled making them much more likely to purchase a product.

In the age of the internet where most consumers find what they are in need of through search engines, it makes sense that branding online is extremely important and critical to the success of many types of businesses. When a customer has an emotional need to fulfill, such as choosing an eco-friendly car that will help them clear their conscious, they may perform most of the research online. If you want your brand to stand out among the rest, you will need to make sure you an online presence that meets their needs better than the competition.

Having SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enabled pages will help you to attract customers that are looking for specific products and services. When a consumer performs a search on a website like Google, the links that appear on the first few pages are SEO friendly and have been designed to direct consumers directly to the page that answers their question or fixes their problem. Investing the time and money into SEO should be a huge role in your branding strategy. Once the consumer recognizes a need, they will begin searching for a solution. While you may be able to provide a solution and fill an emotional need, your brand will first have to be found on the first page of the search results.

Another thing to remember with SEO, the majority of search results will deliver something other than the home page of your website. That is why it is extremely important to organize your website so that you have a specific “optimized” page for each important area of your business. The more solutions you can offer, the more consumers you will reach.

Blogs can be great to deliver just the content a potential customer is looking for. At Brandtastic we provide content and manage several client blogs and they deliver fantastic results and drive more business.


Test out the way this works for yourself:

Go to Google and Search each of these Phrases.Google Search Results

  • Why is my chimney smelly? – our CT client comes up number 1 Nationwide!
  • Cleaning flat painted walls – our CT client comes up number 1 Nationwide!
  • Solar energy wisconsin – our WI client come up number 4 Nationwide!

All of these results are from the Company Blog, not from their Website.

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